Copy Hdd with Drive Image 7.0

  [DELETED] 00:27 17 Oct 2003

If I upgrade my HDD fom my current 80gb(three partitions)to a new 120gb HDD and copy the contents of the old drive onto the new,using Drive Image 7.0,will I have to activate XP on all three partitions on the new drive?Or will I get away with it?

  powerless 00:39 17 Oct 2003

You will "get away with it".

Even if you do not activating is simple and easy.

You have XP on 3 partitions?

  LastChip 00:50 17 Oct 2003

It would be interesting to know a definative answer, but the major problem is, XP "registers" the components of your machine in the hive (a file).

The fact that you propose to change a major part of the system, will (I think) throw the system into confusion, and I suspect XP will refuse to bootup. The activation issue, then becomes irrelevant.

Whether you could then get away with a "repair", I don't know. I believe the system will only repair to a previous known state, but maybe not!

Incidentally, as far as the hive issue is concerned, Win2K acts in the same manner. You cannot simply take a drive from one machine and put it in another, unless it is identical hardware.

  [DELETED] 01:00 17 Oct 2003

Thank you for that.I know activating is easy,I have had to do it so many times because of recent frequent crashes needing reinstalls(turned out to be the M/B).However after replacing M/B and trying to activate all three partitions Mr Microsoft started to get a bit 'leery' about the number of times I had done it.Don't blame him probably thought I was up to no good,although it was very genuine.Trouble was I had to activate very early to download the MS Blast patch,as i was being infected through my broadband connection almost as soon as I had installed it.No chance to see if I had a repeat of my problem(which I did)before reactivating.I don't want to upset him anymore by having to activate yet again,hence my question.Why the question re three XP partitions? have I broken some taboo?
Regards Tony

  [DELETED] 01:10 17 Oct 2003

Drive Image 7.0 is designed to 'Clone' hard drives, among other functions, so you can transfer your entire Hard drive to a new one.You set one up as a slave to the other(not sure whichway round it is,will have to find out)so it can only be done on the same computer,and neither drive can be transferred to another computer(so it says in the blurb).The idea being you have all your old set up on the new drive,saves reinstalling.
However i need to be sure of all my facts before purchasing both new drive and Drive Image 7.0.They do come to rather a lot of pennies.
Regards Tony

  zanwalk 08:51 17 Oct 2003

Drive Image will not stop XP recognising that it is on a new drive. On it's own though, that change would probably not be enough to trigger reactivation. However, you say that you have activated several times recently, so that it is entirely possible that you will have to activate again. It should not be a problem though, as you have a genuine reason for needing to do it.

It would be quite unusual to have three installations of XP on one HD, do you really mean this? Or have you just one partition with XP and the other two for data storage? If you have, only one partition needs activating - the one with XP.

  [DELETED] 09:36 17 Oct 2003

I had major hassles lately with my new SATA hdd's,I had to reinstall XP upto 6 times in a day(and register it as I have adsl too)XP eventually refused to register and I had to contact M$ and go thru the registration process on the phone(input a long number on phones keypad)This failed so I had to rerun thru the number on the phone to a M$ rep,I got XP reregistered,and it seems to "reset" the activation process,as I could register once again over the net.(which I found quite handy as I reinstalled XP again onto SATA but set up differently(RAID)this didn't help my SATA probs as the HDD driver was pooh)I reinstalled IDE hdd+SATA hdd just to get stability.I used DI to "copy" the SATA drive onto IDE and I had to reregister XP(but was still able to do it over the net)

  [DELETED] 10:47 17 Oct 2003

I really mean 3 partitions of XP pro!Have one for for my photography/video work which is running out of space,second one I use for flight simulator 2002 with masses of downloads,which is also running out of space.(I am a little boy at heart).Third one is for normal computer work.I have a small slave HDD which I back up my files to.Plan 'X' is to buy a bigger HDD and use my current one as a bigger back up disk. Regards Tony

  LastChip 12:38 17 Oct 2003

I am aware of what Drive Image does. It is similar to Norton Ghost which I use extensively.

I was not questioning DI's ability to clone your drive, the point I was making, was whether XP would allow a change of drive at all, as it is suseptable to hardware changes. Certainly, I have personal experience of changing hardware, and later operating systems absolutly refusing to bootup. This is because the afore mentioned hive files, do not correspond with what the system is expecting. Microsoft have Knowlegebase articles on that very subject.

As rayburn points out, whether the change of drive is enough to trigger activation remains to be seen, or indeed my contention, that it's unlikely to boot at all.

I await with interest if you go ahead, as to the outcome.

Incidentally, personally, I have long given up with XP, and consider it grossly over hyped. IMHO, Win2K is superior in every respect and without all this activation nonsense. Perhaps I'm living in the past, but I cannot see the necessity to constantly change operating systems, when the one you have, operates perfectly satisfactorily. It's just another marketing tool by Microsoft,to keep their cashflow going. Certainly, many business clients feel the same way! But that's by the by!

  zanwalk 13:57 17 Oct 2003

Your last paragraph - my sentiments exactly!

  [DELETED] 14:38 17 Oct 2003

I too agree with your sentiments but apart from an old copy of Win98, XP pro is all I have now,so I am kinda stuck with it.My son absconded with my ME disk and has since 'misplaced' it???I guess I will have to take my chances.Interesting enough I have been looking at one or two forums dedicated to Drive Image and only one person has complained that he had to reactivate XP.Knowing my luck I will be the second.
I am off on holiday next week so I will defer the final decision until after that. I will let you know how I get the meantime I will mark this as resolved, but if anybody has any further comments to make I will be very interested to hear them Tony

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