copy hard drive

  zebbydog 13:20 08 Feb 2004

I am sending my new pc back and want to copy the hard drive first.I have a spere 40 gb hd

The present hd has a cable to it and to the dvd rom if i fit my spare hd in place of the dvd rom can i then copy all my existing hd to my spare one. If so how do i set the jumpers on it.
Can i then fit it in a pc and copy it to that.
Thank you Zebby

  zebbydog 13:21 08 Feb 2004

Sorry forgot to say Win xp home

  eskimo7 13:27 08 Feb 2004

You can set the second hard drive up as "slave" to your main drive, then use a program like Norton Ghost to copy the entire contents of the drive, the second drive should have a slightly bigger capacity than the original

  hoverman 13:50 08 Feb 2004

Just a thought - but is your PC just going back for repair or for replacement. If the latter then Windows XP would have been activated for that PC and any copy should not be transferred to another.

Regarding the reply from eskimo7 and the second drive being slightly larger than the original, I would have thought it would depend on how much space has been used on the original. I have a 120GB drive, of which only 15 GB is used. I have successfully backed this up to an external 40GB drive using Drive Image 7.

  Sheila-214876 14:53 08 Feb 2004

Download a copy of xxclone from (would you believe) click here

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