Copy Hard Disk From one PC to another PC

  14all 11:06 07 Nov 2004

Copy Hard Disk Help

I am running a very old Tiny PC with 6.4gb hard drive with a Win ME operating system.

I have now acquired a Mesh Matrix XP 2000+ PC with a 60gb hard drive with Win 98SE operating system.

I wish to copy the contents of the small 6.4 hard drive over to the Mesh’s larger drive and then use this as my normal PC.

Is it possible to just copy all my programmes over and use the Mesh’s Win 98SE as the OS, or do I have to copy the Win ME over with as well.

If this helps, I have a Maxtor External 80gb hard drive, which could hold a full back up of the old PC.

Any advice much appreciated

  The BB 11:34 07 Nov 2004

Find out who the 60GB target disk manufacturer is and look on their web site. Seagate (DiskWizard) and I think Maxtor (and probably others)provide tools to do what you want. My understanding (to be verified whan I next upgrade) is you download the software, set up your new drive as a slave and run the program. You can then remove your original and set the new ans master and away you go!

Good luck

  Dorsai 11:43 07 Nov 2004

In order for the programs you have on your old pc to work on the new i suspect that you will have to get out the CD they came on and re-install them on the new PC.

It's not just a case of copying the program's folder over. The program will almost certianly have put some files it needs to work in folders other than its own. It will also have made registry changes within ME to tell ME how it works.

Also a possability thatthe program will have detected it was installed on a pc with ME on, and may well have taken this into account when it installed itself. It may have two versions of a certian file it needs, one for ME and one for 98. As it was ME you installed it on, it installed the ME version.

obviously you can use your external USB disk to copy your personal letters/music/piccys etc.

You could copy the whole disk over in the maner suggested, but that will also copy over win ME, and you said you would prefer to use 98se that came with the new PC.

Hope this helps clarify.

  14all 14:49 07 Nov 2004

Thanks for the postings,

The New Hard Drive is a Maxtor so i'll have alooke at their site to see what they have.


If I managed to copy the complete hard drive with WinME on it over to the new, would the programes work then?

The reason I ask this, is because I have a website builder which is downloaded from the company that makes it, and as they have changed their builder to a new version, the old builder is not available anymore to download.

I wish to keep the old version for at least another 3 or 4 months until I have rebuilt about 60 pages, So I was hoping to be able to move it over by copying it

  Diemmess 15:14 07 Nov 2004

Success comes at the price of being willing to do quite a bit of fiddling with a recent version of Ghost.(Must be able to address your USB external disk)

Making, storing and Restoring the image file is where the fiddling comes in.

I think the only sure way to preserve the old website builder is to keep it with the drive and existing OS. At its simplest, stay with the old computer for those few more months.

If you do go the Ghost image/restore route then make an image on your Ext. HD (and one of the New (98) computer too if you have the space). Then try restoring the important image to the "new" computer. If you are lucky it will go fine, but a whole list of snags may temporarily spoil your day.

The likely snags are differences between the 2 mobos so that you have to find drivers for onboard items which differ from the previous ones.

But...... as long as you still have the original system you can always back track.

  Diemmess 15:20 07 Nov 2004

If you can image the ME system safely to the Ext.HD, then why not FDISK the Win98 HD and say make the "C:" partition 10GB

Then if you succeed in transferring all the working system, this can go to C: and you have somewhere to keep a future copy of an image file as a good backup

  14all 15:49 07 Nov 2004

Thanks to all

I have plenty of advice to think about, although I have just found that the Maxtor do provide software to copy information from one hard disk to another.

Then on the other hand as Diemmess pointed out about using the old PC for a while longer, Its started me thinging about, why dont I network the two together and just use the old one for the website building and move all other programes over to the new PC, Do you think this would be a better Idea?

  Diemmess 16:27 07 Nov 2004

Whatever you fancy. Glad it made you pause and think. While I like Win98SE, going back from ME is a small step backwards and you are going to have to re-install your applications unless you take the imageing route.

Have a think about setting up the "new" computer with a clean install of Win 2000. That IS an improvement.

  uskfisherman 18:30 07 Nov 2004

I had the same situation as you. I made the new Hard Drive the slave used Acronis (a marvelous prog) and transfered from old to new. Disconnected the old Hard Drive made the new one problems at all

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