Copy from DVD to DVD

  ponytail 08:06 14 Sep 2012

I requested a specialist seed catalogue but it only came as a CD rom which is ok as it plays fine.I would like to give my son a copy but sure of the easiest way to copy it.I have a external CD writer as well as the internal one.It would be almost impossible to print it as there is so much to it so doing a copy seems the only way.Can someone advise please.

  onthelimit1 08:52 14 Sep 2012

Easiest is to download the free version of Nero. That will allow you to burn a copy, even if you only had one DVD drive.

  eedcam 09:28 14 Sep 2012

Would not touch nero with all its bloat I would use something like Imgburn which is free use it to create a disc image it will rip nthe image to your hartd drive then you copy it to disc when done Imgburn

  ponytail 09:41 14 Sep 2012

Hi eedcam have installed what you suggsted ie imgburn what is the procedure for copying from one disc to another.I presume the disc I am copying to will be a DVD and not a CD.

  eedcam 10:28 14 Sep 2012

Hi Ponytail it will be wahtever you want to copy to if its on cd already then you can just put it on another cd Whichever insert the disc and open Imgburn it should open In EZ mode picker click on create image from disc and note where you are saving it to when you have done that come back

  ponytail 11:04 14 Sep 2012

Hi rdave13, I installed ashampoo and it works fine have done the copy the only problem was I tried to copy it to a blank DVD but it required a blank CD but the copy plays fine thanks for the advice.I presume if I wanted to I could copy a music CD to a blank CD this way.

  onthelimit1 11:41 14 Sep 2012

The free Nero is not bloated. I use ImgBurn for ISO, but Nero is more straightforward to use for copying (for me, anyway!).

  eedcam 12:01 14 Sep 2012

Thats why I suggested Imgburn

  woodchip 13:48 14 Sep 2012

You only need one DVD writer, put the dvd in thast you want to copy then in the software you use click copy. it will tell you when to put a blank dvd in the drive

  ponytail 15:16 14 Sep 2012

Hi Again rdave13 not sure myself but the message I got was disc unsuitable.Will try that again using a re-writable DVD and see what happens will let you know the outcome.

  woodchip 16:02 14 Sep 2012

re-writeable DVD will not play in all drivs

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