Copy from DV camcorder to DVD

  MALLET 20:11 15 Jul 2003

I've just returned from holiday and want to transfer my DV camcorder images onto DVD.The software that came with my Sony DV camcorder is useless.(Image Mixer 1.5).
Can anybody recommend a good but cheap piece of software that can give equal quality as the tape.

  LAP 20:20 15 Jul 2003

What system are you using?

  PA28 20:21 15 Jul 2003

You'll need an IEE1394 Firewire input first. If you have that, then most Editing Suites will do what you want - Videosuite is easy, personally I use Editstudio for its' flexibility.

There should be no loss of quality from a digital tape to a DVD - that's the beauty of digital. It's only when you are outputting to an analogue devise (such as a VHS video etc), or compressing data to fit a VCD or other media, that loss enters the process.

  anniesboy68 20:22 15 Jul 2003

Better see my post re Nero Vision Express not burning to DVD-R disk, I think it's relevant in your case....anniesboy68

  PA28 20:23 15 Jul 2003

Seeing LAP's post which arrived just before mine - yes he's right. You do need a reasonably powerful computer (and lots of time) to do this. Video processing is just about one of the most arduous tasks that you can give a PC.

  anniesboy68 20:24 15 Jul 2003

Umm...perhaps not, I see its a tape...sorry

  MALLET 20:24 15 Jul 2003

I'm running a XP home edition with a AMD 1200 CPU and a 30GB HD. I'm connecting the camera to the pc with a usb connection.

  LAP 20:36 15 Jul 2003

Do you have with Win XP Movie Maker 2? If so this is more than good enough for you to get an idea of what can be produced. I use it, update to Movie Maker 2.

You will need a firewire card and cable. USB is ok for stills..Lap..

  MALLET 20:42 15 Jul 2003

Many thanks to you all.I'll start searching the web for a IEE1394 Firewire card and cable.

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