copy digital filme to dvd

  [DELETED] 20:44 31 Aug 2003

I have just purchased A digital JVC camera using the software that came with it I have downloaded A film to my PC and able to play it on my PC but when I try to download to my DVD writer it asks for A firewire will I have to install a firewire card to copy from my PC to my DVD hope you can help
Dave Peters

  [DELETED] 21:53 31 Aug 2003

How did you get the video into the PC?

Firewire is a common method but you may be able to use either S-Video, phono connectors or USB.

Once onto the PC the file will be an AVI file. This needs to be encoded using TEMPGEnc (or similar) which produces two folders: AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS. Within these folders are VOB files.

Using DVD writing software, drag the VIDEO_TS contents into the VIDEO_TS folder in the burning programme - do NOT delete the AUDIO_TS folder (evenn though its empty) as your DVD player looks for this folder before looking for the VIDEO_TS folder....if it can't find it then it won't play.

So, in answer to your question, if you have sucessfully copied the video to the HDD then you will have an AVI file - that is all you need to begin the process.

Sorry if its a bit long winded - thats the joys (?) of DVD writing.


  [DELETED] 08:57 01 Sep 2003

As y_not says, if you've already got it into your PC somehow, you shouldn't need a firewire card for burning it to CD.

There are several ways forward, of which y_not's is one. Your DVD burning sofware (what are you using?) might already be capable of doing what you want automatically. With mine (Sonic MyDVD, which came with my Sony burner) I drag and drop MPEG2 files in the order I want them to appear, create menus if I want, and then tell the software to burn them. It then creates whatever folders are necessary on the DVD.

I get from the .avi downloaded file to MPEG2 using Pinnacle, which allows me to edit the movie as well (cut scenes, fade, merge, add soundtrack, etc.). TMPGEnc can also do the straight conversion from .avi to MPEG2, but doesn't allow you to edit the movie.

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