Copy to CD photo files are not in correct order

  timothywilliam 21:56 18 Jun 2004

I have an Olympus Camedia digital camera and I download the pictures taken to my computer running XP. I have Roxio 5.

I look at the photo/files in Thumbnails, numbered say to 1 to 200, and delete those which I don't want. I wish now to copy these remaining files in the same order that they are on screen to CD to view on my DVD on the Television. My problem is that the order they are in the computer will not transfer to the CD, thus rendering any slide show presentation a jumble of photos and useless. All the photo files are on the CD, they are just not in the same order as they should be.

I have altered the numbering system of the files by hand so that all numbers are consecutive thinking this might be the reason. It's not ! The programme my computer uses is Roxio CD Creator 5, which I pick up from All Programmes. I have in My Pictures the option Copy to CD in Picture Tasks. This just puts my through to Roxio again. Or if I click Copy to CD I have an option COPY but this produces a "Cannot create or replace file. Accress denied." Or, if I double click the CD drive in My Computer it shows what is on the CD already and does not display any temporary area where files could be held. I have the Options in the drop down menu of sorting by Name,Size,Type,Modified, Picture Taken On, Dimensions. Sorting by NAME and number i.e. Italy1, Italy2 Italy3 I would have thought would make the downloading sequence correct but it doesn't. Auto Arrange I have tried with it Checked and Unchecked. Makes no difference. I have now run out of ideas. Can anyone suggest anything ?

Also, my friends, did I see a tip somewhere in a recent Computer magazine which when the photo file numbers have number gaps in them because files have been removed, something can be done to make them all in correct number sequence in a keystroke ? Or did I dream it as a bit of wishful thinking ? Thanks for any help.

  SANTOS7 22:08 18 Jun 2004

click here this may help, good luck

  TommyRed 22:09 18 Jun 2004

Don't use Roxio but in Nero if you drag n' drop instead of highlighting and clicking 'add' it puts them in reverse order. Don't know if this would help at all. TR

  jack 22:16 18 Jun 2004

I make slidec shows and the way I do it is to
renumber slides in a 3 or 4 digit sequence
I do this in Paintshop pro or Xa[a share ware download from click here] The picture are usually a mix of digi/scans/ and tilte slides made with paint shop.
I a;ways sequence the pix usinbg olny 7/8 in any ten
so that we have two blanks to allow easy shuffling - it goes like this
001 002 003 004 005 006 009[ see 7 and 8 left out theand the same in the teens and twenties and so on then it is easy to move around.

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