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Trying to use a batch file to copy the contents of 1 folder to another.
If I can get it to work I would eventually like to run it with a shedule..
I checked the help files but can't get it to work.
Please help.


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Hi Spikeychris

I must be a bit thick I still can't seem to follow any of these instructions..
I've created 2 folders at the route of C:I want to copy the contents of folder Test, which has a text file called test.txt into the folder called Batch files.
I'm trying to run this batch file using notepad and putting the extension .Bat on the end of it.
If this worked I want to backup from a server on our network..

apprieciate any help

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What operating system.

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Give me the location and true names of the files/folders and I'll write it for you.

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If you would rather do it yourself then it should look something like the below. I have surmised that "test" is stored in the my docs folder on the C: drive, if its not just point to the right location in the command. I also have worked on the principle that "batch files" is also on the C: drive..again alter as needs be.

First thing first click here and download XXcopy.

Then open up notepad and type this?.

echo off
xxcopy c:\test c:\batchfiles\ /S/H/BI/yy (Note that batchfiles is all one word..not two)

Call it backup.dat

Drop the file into the c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\programs\startup folder. This will back up the test folder to the batchfiles folder at every bootup.

You don't have to drop the bat file in the startup folder, you can run it when you want and use scheduled tasks with it.

You don't want to have to re-backup the entire folder every time, you only want to backup what you have added.

The "bi" command is an incremental backup ie: it will only backup what has been added since your last backup.

If you want to see the workings then put echo on, I always do as I can then see it working and it puts my mind at rest.
Send a shortcut to desktop and when you double click it, it will run.

If you wanted to backup the whole of my docs it would be..

xxcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\your name\My Documents" C:\name of folder and location\/s/h/bi/y

Note the speech marks.


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Thankyou very much

I've now managed to backup over the network
I did notice something about additional licences but didn't catch exactly what it said??

Thanks again


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Glad your sorted. This has got to be one of the least used and most powerful free tools on the market.

Xcopy (not XXcopy..but they basically do the same) is actually part and parcel of Windows...its built in and obviously free. It can be used for much more than just copy but copying is what it does best.

Just to cross the T's and dot the I's......

1.You install the XXCOPY program on a computer that is your own personal property and you are the primary user of the computer.

2. If you transfer files between networked computers using XXCOPY, all of the computers are also your own personal property.

3 Or, even if the above conditions are not met, you may still use XXCOPY for 60 days for evaluation purposes without charge.
If your situation does not qualify for the freeware license, the use of XXCOPY will be considered as a commercial usage. Please see the section on Corporate Site Licensing below.

XXLIC 2-9 $20 $40 -

XXLIC-010 10 $18 $

XXLIC-020 20 $16 $ 320

XXLIC-050 50 $12 $ 600

XXLIC-100 100 $ 9 $ 900

XXLIC-200 200 $ 6 $ 1,200



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What a guy!

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Wrong surname click here

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