copy audio tapes to pc?

  naineysman 20:27 21 Jan 2007

Hi, my partners little girl listens to audio books a lot and would like to get them on to her ipod for holidays etc.

Is there something as simple as a tape player with a usb connection that would use software to import the music and store it as mp3, aac, etc.

Or I had thought about connecting the headphone socket of the player to the microphone socket on the pc but how would i record the 'song' etc. (would 'recorder' in windows be good enough? would that even work??

I've tried searching for a tape player without success and none of the audiobooks in questiona re available to download from the usual suspects.

help would be appreciated

  sean-278262 20:30 21 Jan 2007

Audacity (google it as it is free)
Something with a headphone port
A 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack
and patience

Connect the Tape player to the PCs mic port and use audiograbber to record the output. It is a 1:1 process but can be set up overnight. Easy to do but takes quite a lot of time. There are machines to do it but these give little better quality and cost a lot more than the only item required to be purchased here which is a 99p cable from a pound shop or £3 or so at maplins.

  naineysman 20:37 21 Jan 2007

just saw another note from Ozzy123 as well so between you all I am soretd I think

thanks to all

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