coprocessor not installed

  Sean.f 10:53 30 Nov 2009

Hello I have just installed windows 7, and when I go into my computer managment it shows coprocessor driver as not been installed, is this something I need to bother with as I can not work out how to install the driver. pc always say it cannot be found.

  gengiscant 12:51 30 Nov 2009

Is it possible to tell us what the error message is you are getting in full please.

  Sean.f 13:28 30 Nov 2009

In device manager it shows as driver not installed, my driver disk is only for xp or vista not win 7 when I try and update driver it says driver can not be found.

  gengiscant 13:36 30 Nov 2009

You are getting this message under the processors label in device manager?

  T0SH 13:48 30 Nov 2009

Try updating your motherboard chipset drivers and also update your graphics card drivers if the motherboard drivers fail to fix your issue

Cheers HC

  Sean.f 14:29 30 Nov 2009

In device manager it has other devices with a ? then click on that to show the coprocessor with a ! then right click properties and it says This device is not configured correctly.

I have never hade to update my motherboard chipset drivers so wouldnt know how to,

  gengiscant 13:57 01 Dec 2009

can you post a screenshot of device? or post the make and model of your pc.

  Sean.f 09:46 02 Dec 2009

my mother board is a GF8100VM-M5

In xp I can see Nvidia Network Bus Enumerator (what ever that is) in the same place in device manager where the coprocessor driver is showing in Win 7.
I have d/l'ed the motherboard driver fot win 7 and now where it was saying coprocessor driver is missing that has gone all together.

This is part of what is shown in device manager
+network adapters
+Nvidia Network Bus Enumerator

Win 7 (before update)
+network adapters
+other devices?
---coprocessor! (no driver found)

win 7 now
+network adapters

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