Coppermine Gallery, images don't show

  grumpy-git 16:38 22 Nov 2005

Seems good software on the sites where I have seen it used, but, since installing it within my web space I cannot get my images to show.

I can set up catalogues & albums, and the image details appear (name, size etc) but where the image should be, there is just the red "X" marking the spot.

I'm new to SQL databases etc. so have probably done something stupid. Have looked through various instructions and FAQ's, also searched the internet, but cannot find an answer.

click here

The above will show you how it appears. I've tried it on Mrs. G-G's laptop and still no images, so it's not peculiar settings on my pc blocking images.


  anchor 16:50 22 Nov 2005

You are not alone; I cannot get any images either.

  grumpy-git 17:21 22 Nov 2005

Right, just looked at a Coppermine gallery that does work, and checked the url of an image. If I copy & past it into my browser, the image will show.

If I do the same with one of my images on my gallery, I get error 403.

I've checked with FTP that the file is actually in the right place within my web space, so it must be that the image cannot be accessed for some unknown reason.

Maybe I need to set something within the SQL database?


  grumpy-git 17:40 22 Nov 2005

but I don't really understand anything about how the database actually works.

I set up CHMOD as 755 for the 2 folders, as per Coppermine instructions.

So, I'm still stuck....


  grumpy-git 19:39 22 Nov 2005

Still struggling here. My web space is with 1&1, and there is some mention about needing phpmyadmin.

Is this needed for Coppermine to work, or should Coppermine work without it?


  grumpy-git 08:31 23 Nov 2005

Got there in the end, seems I had to chmod some sub-folders to 777. Had tried that on one of the folders and thought it would also include sub folders, but it didn't.

Now all I have to do is start deleting the random photos I had been uploading in my attempts to get it to work....


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