Copmuter Crashes when Printing

  gplatt2000 11:22 31 Jul 2004

Hi all. Ive already posted a question about this problem before, and after doing what you said (uninstall & reinstall printer) all seemed OK. But after printing one document succesfully, it's started again.

When I try printing, the document will start printing, then suddenly stop. As this happens the whole computer will freeze completeley - mouse pointer wont movee etc. CTRL ALT DEL doesnt do anythinng either, so I end up having to just turn the computer off at the button.

The problem seems very erratic - sometimes it'll stop printing righ near the end of the document, sometimes at the start, sometimes the compueter will freeze before the rpinter even starts. Ive managed to get a whole page printed out a couple of times, but very rarely.

I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling the printer a few times and this doesnt seem to have doen anything.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance

  jonnytub 11:24 31 Jul 2004

there would appear to be a driver problem, what os ? printer ?

  gplatt2000 11:28 31 Jul 2004

Sorry should have said more information:

Windows XP
Canon i250

First I installed it using Canon's CD, which said that if Windows' 'Auto Detect' feature came up, cancel it. However, windows never gave me chance to do this, and just said 'printer installed succesfully' before I got the option to cancel! So I tried turning the auto-detect thing off, but it didnt seem to do anything and the same thing hapenned. So for the 3rd attempt I just used XP's 'add new printer wizard' and got it to search the Canon cd for the required drivers.

But every time the problem still hapenned!

  jonnytub 11:33 31 Jul 2004

download the latest driver from click here and also the installation manual click here

  gplatt2000 11:37 31 Jul 2004

OK cheers for that, downloading and installing now, Ill let you know what hapepens in a few minutes...

  gplatt2000 11:45 31 Jul 2004

Right I've just read the instructions through - and the start of Step 6 seems to be the bit that I have trouble with - it says 'IMPORTANT: if you see the FOund New Hardware Wizard, click cancel'.

I never actually see the window it shows (the one which comes up when I run the Add New Printer Wizard) - when I first turn the printer on, this window doesnt come up, but a small icon comes in the system tray saying 'found new hardware: Canon i250', then, a few seconds later, 'New hardware succesfully installed'.

I never get the choice to cancel, and cant seem to stop this hapenning. Is this a problem?

  sattman 11:58 31 Jul 2004

Are you saying that it looks for driver every time you turn printer on ?

  gplatt2000 12:07 31 Jul 2004

No I mean whenever I install the printer (after uninstalling it, trying to reinstall it incase drivers were uninstalled wrong etc).

Whenever I try install the rpinter using Canon's CD, Windows automatically detects the hardware and installs it itself - whcih I think could cause problems as I'm trying to install it using the canon installation cd. Canon says if Windows automatically detects the printer, then click cancel so that it doesnt try installing its own drivers. However, I get no option, and XP just installs it without a window popping up to ever give me any options.

  gplatt2000 13:43 31 Jul 2004

Right Ive installed the driver jonnytub gave me, but the same problem ocurred - windows detected the hardware and said 'hardware sucesffuly installed', suggestion it has put its own drivers on, which could cause problems with the Canon ones?

So teh problem still hasnt gone, still cant prin anything without PC c rashing :(

One thing I forgot to mention is that, during 'orint head alignment', the test page prints off every time no problems. But the I go print somehting from, say, Word, and the computer just crashes.

Any suggestions? Posssibly something wrong with the rprinter itself? Or the USB cable? (unfortunately I dont have a spare to try and compare). I might take the printer to a mates and try it on his PC/USB cable to see if that makes a diffference.

  DaveNic 14:17 31 Jul 2004

Have you tried switching off the printer and then uninstalling the drivers Windows automatically wants to use. Once you've removed those drivers, still with the printer off, install the new drivers you want to use. Reboot to settle everything in and then switch the printer on. Auto detect should then use your drivers rather than the Windows ones.

  gplatt2000 14:36 31 Jul 2004

So I unistall the printer, turn it off, then installl the ones from Canon? The only problem is that during the installation (Canon drivers) it says to switch on the printer at one step, so it can detect where it is - this is when Windows always auto detects and installs the printer.

As I said before, the other thing I have tried is to uninstall the printer, then use windows' add new printer wizard. I then chose to make windows get the drivers off the canon cd. This seemed to be an ok method I thought, as tehre werent two different sets trying to be installed, but it still didnt work :(

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