Copies of copies of copies infinitum

  Yimbo 14:40 27 Feb 2010

I'm trying to delete some photos from "My Pictures", and each time I try to do this, I get yet more copies appearing - then copies of copies....! I hold down ctrl, select the photos for deletion - but before I get the chance to press "delete", the copies appear - sometimes even when doing the selection!

I had this problem a while back, and the advice then was that it might be a virus - but my computer appears to be clear! Any ideas folks? I'm using XP home.

  Sea Urchin 14:46 27 Feb 2010

It's caused by holding down the Ctrl key for too long - you might have to bite the bullet and just right-click and select Delete. Try doing a few like that, and then perhaps go back to trying to select a few at a time.

  Technotiger 14:47 27 Feb 2010
  Terry Brown 14:49 27 Feb 2010

Instead of trying to do it manually, download Visipics, . This is afree program and will find all your duplicates and let you select what you want to delete.

There is a minor bug: to cure do the folllowing:

When you have selected all the photo's you want to delete, go to File and click on 'Save Ignored photo's',then goto delete and delete your duplicates.

If you do not do this, it will delete all your copies, including the unmarked ones.

  Technotiger 14:49 27 Feb 2010

Hmm, I think I have just remembered how this is done - instead of holding down Ctrl, hold down Shift (yes, Shift), then highlight first pic and last pic then press Delete on keyboard.

  compumac 14:53 27 Feb 2010

It is a common mistake. I have done it a nubmer of times as Sea Urchin states. It is not a virus. Follow his advice. The problem is caused when selecting toooooo many files/photos to copy at a time and the pressure/holding down on the Control key.

  Sea Urchin 14:55 27 Feb 2010

The Shift key only works if all the photos you wish to delete are in sequence - if you are picking out individual pics you need the Control key.

  Technotiger 15:08 27 Feb 2010

Exactly, so multiple copies ad infinitum will be in sequence, so Shift followed by 2nd copy and last copy, then delete, will leave just the original pic.

  skeletal 15:08 27 Feb 2010

You can always use Shift to get a block of files then Control to individually DEselect the files you want to save (i.e. rather than select the ones to delete).

Also, you can release the Control key every so often as you make the selections/deselections.


  john bunyan 15:09 27 Feb 2010

Another suggestion: Create a folder (called, say "To Delete") drag and drop all the photos or duplicates into it , then drag the folder to the recycle bin or simply delete the folder.

  Yimbo 15:09 27 Feb 2010

I've tried selecting and deleting up to 3 at a time, and this seems to work. Thanks (again!) Sea Urchin. I also tried your suggestion, Technotiger, using the shift key - and this works a treat! I'll have a look at "Moleskin Soft" and "Visipics" for future reference!

So, thanks folks, for your help!

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