copied files or backups

  bert52a 20:20 19 Sep 2005

Whenever Isave documents in Ms Word.,2 documents show up in the window : 1 normal .doc and one with a label like this
~$rk effect plant.doc.
Consequently all my files are very difficult to open because it seems to making a copy like this every time I save a document.Somebody told me it was a backup copyand normally this doesn't show up.

  VoG II 20:23 19 Sep 2005

normal.doT (not .doC) is the default document template so I don't understand why you would be seeing this.

The ~blahblah file should be deleted automatically when you save the document.

  bert52a 22:40 19 Sep 2005

sorry I don't mean normal.doc template.I should have said the file saves normally but also shows a file with the ~$rk effect plant.doc file name and it's all these files that are causing a clutter so it can take a long time to find the file i'm looking for

  keith-236785 23:27 19 Sep 2005

bert52a, word does this as a temporary measure while you have the saved page still open, and for a while after you close the page. close word, open the folder containing the mysterious files and see if they are still there with word closed. I guess its the same as the internet cache, to speed up the process of opening the pages you have used recently (note the "I guess").

i have noticed these files myself but they dissapear when word is closed.

hope this helps, if not then im sure someone will have a better answer before long

  bert52a 20:09 20 Sep 2005

These odd files are not disappearing.When I use Open in Word the window opens with duplicates for many files( not all) with unfamiliar code I described above- they are greyish and won't open if I click on them I can delete them but it's very tedious when they appear for every new doc I write.
thanks, paperman

  Granger 11:19 21 Sep 2005

These files are often left behind if Word has a problem, so I'd guess that's the answer. You may need to repair/reinstall Office if you can't track down a specific answer.

  Confab 12:59 21 Sep 2005

Have you got Microsoft Works and a separate installation of Word installed on your PC? Having both installed can cause the problems of Word not removing the temp file when its closed.

  bert52a 09:37 24 Sep 2005

Thanks ,Confab.
Word and works are both installed .Should I just uninstall Works?I have rarely used it ?Does it do anything that Word doesn't do?I've always thought of it as a cheaper version of Word?

  Confab 09:45 27 Sep 2005

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but this is a known problem on MS knowledgebase (somewhere). If you have Word and Works installed (so that Works also has a copy of Word) then you will get load of these ~ type file in your temp folder. I think the solution is to un-install one Version of Word. All other progs in Works can remain on the PC. The ~ files can be deleted and should not return.

  keith-236785 20:16 27 Sep 2005

seems like someone has the answer for you, hope it works

  bert52a 08:46 28 Sep 2005

I'm a bit out of my depth here.
Word is the processor I use most.I don't want to uninstall word because to reinstall it would mean going through the technician at work(I don't have the software)because that takes forever and the service isn't reliable.Would it work if I just uninstall Works?
I've looked on the knowledge base butI can't findwhat I'm looking for.

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