Copied DVD wont play in my computer why??

  goose1984 20:58 14 Jul 2004

Hiya all,

I have just got a mate to copy a film to a dvd but it doesnt play on my dvd player in my computer yet it will play on my PS2 and my stand-alone dvd player. When I try to play the dvd in the computer, it doesnt even recongise there is anything in the drive. Can anyone please explain why this is happening??

Thanks in Advance

  chugby 21:06 14 Jul 2004

assume drive plays other media ok, possible not combatible, try click here

  goose1984 21:13 14 Jul 2004

Yeah the drive plays other media ok, looked on that site but still no lcuk any more ideas??

  goose1984 21:16 14 Jul 2004

BTW the DVD drive is an Hitachi DVD-ROM GD 5000 if that any help

  rickf 21:16 14 Jul 2004

This does not solve your prob but matbe a consolation. I rented a movie which would not play on my standalone no matter what I do but it did play on my computer.

  SirGalahad2004 21:18 14 Jul 2004

can you try another copy of the dvd on a different type of media ? or have you got another dvd on the same type to try ?

  Sans le Sou 21:19 14 Jul 2004

Is it a rewritable disk or write once?

  stalion 21:22 14 Jul 2004

also what format are you useing for copying dvd+r or dvd-r

  JFT 21:35 14 Jul 2004

According to click here& your drive can only play DVD-R, is the disk you are trying to play DVD+R, if so your drive doesn't support it.

Google is your friend!

  goose1984 21:36 14 Jul 2004

"hitachi GD 5000 driver dosnt read DVDs which are more than 3.95 GB" I found that on an other forum.

But then i found "GD 5000 can read any dvd or cd rom, but won't read my DVD-Rs. I looked into a firmware update but sadly that requires a floppy"

But it doesnt say where i can get the firmware any ideas???

  goose1984 23:10 14 Jul 2004


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