copied cds won't play

  jammin 09:36 24 Jun 2005

just started burning cds and have encountered a bit of a problem, I'm copying original cds to play on another cd player and they copy fine and will play on the pc but not on the cd player. Hope this makes sense. I'm using the software that came with the pc - sonic - and it asks if I want to copy cds to play on a home/car cd player, which I do. The cds I'm using are memorex cd-rw 1x-4x. When the cd is put into a cd player it just sits there looking gormless.

  Kate B 10:05 24 Jun 2005

hmm, are you copying on the fly? You might try extracting the audio files to your PC's hard drive in the native .wav format and then burning those to a CD ...

  sicknote 10:06 24 Jun 2005

I think you will find that CD-RW will not work in all Car/home player.You have to use CD-R for them to work

  jammin 10:08 24 Jun 2005

thanks i'll try both suggestions and let you know what happens

  B4HS 10:17 24 Jun 2005

Others will know more about this but I have had this problem too. More than one cause.

Elementary one is that you didn't click 'close session' when burning the CD.

Complicated is that some CD's contain anti-copying stuff which modern CD players pick up and won't play. My lazy solution is just to play the copies on older, cheaper CD players. Am told that a way around this is to save the CD to your computer in some form other than WAV and then to use software that will convert it back to WAV before it burns the CD.

  Smiler 10:31 24 Jun 2005

Unless the player you are using states that it will play CD-RW discs then you're out of luck.
You will need to use CD-R discs only.

  jammin 11:55 01 Jul 2005

although the cds wouldnt play on my cd player - they do play in my friends car cd etc, so the problem is with the cd player - thanks for the suggestions

  Curio 19:00 01 Jul 2005

that you are burning the discs at too high a speed. Come down to 4x and see what that does.

  Totally-braindead 19:03 01 Jul 2005

As the others have said its the CDRW disks thats the problem, if you write to CDRs instead you won't have the problem.

  woodchip 19:10 01 Jul 2005

Not all players support CDRW

  tenplus1 19:27 01 Jul 2005

When burning audio cd's to play in your hi-fi or car stereo system, make sure you burn them as DAO (Disk-At-Once) and chose a slow burning speed to make sure it'll work...

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