Copernic Desktop Search

  emmandelo1 13:49 16 Jun 2010

If I connect an external hard drive, turned on and working and then ask Copernic Desktop Search to do an 'index' will it find files on the external hard drive as well as on the desktop and will it retain those when I shut the external drive down?

  T I M B O 13:50 16 Jun 2010

What os please ?

  emmandelo1 13:51 16 Jun 2010

Win XP

  T I M B O 13:58 16 Jun 2010

I have never used Copernic, i never heard of it b4, but the reason why i asked what os is because vista & win 7 have a pretty good search utility but xp is a bit behind. Thats why Microsoft brought out the update "Windows search 4.0 for Windows XP (KB94057). Once installed then u can pick & choose what devices to look through

Sorry im not much help to you on this issue.

  northumbria61 14:02 16 Jun 2010

Copernic should search and index ALL files attached to your computer however I think you may find a problem with the external hard drive. If you read the review from my link (Feb.21st 2010 from hulhubber)

click here

I have used Copernic previously and found it to be an excellent program but NOT with an external drive so can't comment on that.

  northumbria61 14:06 16 Jun 2010

MS Vista and Windows 7 have their own Indexing Service built in - some find it slow but I have never had any problems with it - once it has indexed it is fine.

  emmandelo1 14:19 16 Jun 2010

Thanks northumbria61. It looks like it won't index an external drive. I am on WinXp and my laptop hard drive is getting full with music and photo's. I am planning to transfer them all onto an external hard drive and then clear them from my laptop but I need some way of finding them quickly from the laptop via a search of some sort. Have stayed with copernic over the years as i have found it excellent but maybe it's time to look elsewhere, any suggestions?

  gardener 22:48 16 Jun 2010

I use Copernic on my Windows 7 PC and it indexes my external hard drive. If you click 'Tools' on the top bar and click 'Options' in the drop-down box, then 'Files' in the dialogue box, you should see all the drive letters listed. You can modify which files you want indexing by clicking on the drive letter and clicking 'Modify'.

  northumbria61 22:51 16 Jun 2010

I don't know anything about program this but have a look at the link I am sending you - there is a FREE program called "Everything" which says it indexes and searches external drives. You could always give it a try.

click here

  emmandelo1 14:06 17 Jun 2010

Thanks gardener, that's brilliant. I've found those options and added an external drive. It's indexing at this moment. I'll see if it finds all the files. Cheers.

  skeletal 18:02 17 Jun 2010

I like an instant search of Outlook so have recently downloaded the new M$ win XP search engine. I let it index part of my hard drive as well, to see how good it is.

I think it takes forever to index compared to Copernic and it almost totally freezes the computer. Making it “snooze” or whatever, then stops it indexing (i.e. it’s all or nothing). It also has the habit of saying “indexing complete” then next time I boot up, it says “indexing files, 8000 to go” (this is for Outlook, it only tells you how many it has done, for the main files). Then (main files again) it said indexing complete at around 200,000 files, but some time later, stated up and the number started to reduce!

All the hard drive hammering and really slow response is making XP like Vista!

So, I’m getting fed up with it. I may set it to only index Outlook.

Now to Copernic (I've used it for years): by default, it does not index Access files (and thus possibly others that you may have). Not to worry, go to Tools/Options/Advanced and under File types to index/Add and add the extension of your software file. You may need to add a few to take account of the new file extensions on the latest version of Office (e.g. accdb (new) and mdb (old)).


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