Coonecting a Card Reader

  s99Raj 21:06 28 Jun 2007

I have an internal card reader which was attached to a motherboard. Now I;ve changed boards to a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3, Rev 3.3 and I see nowhere on it where I can connect this card reader to.

It needs to be connected to four pins in a row and the closest I can see are three F_USB connectors.

I don't suppose I can connect the card reader to this, can I? If not, is there another way round it?

  Pamy 22:17 28 Jun 2007

Does the Gigabyte GA-965P-S3, Rev 3.3 Manual offer any advice?

Or perhaps the Gigabyte web site customer support.

Or the supplier you bought it from

  Totally-braindead 22:25 28 Jun 2007

If the card reader connects to the motherboard which from what you're saying it does, and if the motherboard has no card reader connectors on it then no, theres nothing you can do other than replace it with one that connects via USB rather than connecting to the motherboard.
Its like wanting to plug a 13 amp plug into a house without any power sockets it can't be done.

Get one that connects via USB, Aria for example sell some just make sure you don't get one that connects to the motherboard and you'll be here

  s99Raj 09:00 29 Jun 2007

Neither the manual nor the website offered any advice, apart from saying that the front USB should be connected to F_USB.

However, I thought I'd try it anyway, and whaddya know - it works!

The individual card slots pop up as icons in "My Computer" and inserting a card from a digital camera immediately brings up the photos.

So plugging in a card reader to USB headers on the motherboard seems to be OK.

  Pamy 09:07 29 Jun 2007

s99Raj, Pleased you have it solved, but it was a risk to take could have blew the motherboard or card reader.

  s99Raj 09:27 29 Jun 2007

True, Pamy, but I've just also phoned the suppliers (Novatech in Portsmouth) and they said it was fine to plug the card reader into the USB headers.

  Strawballs 10:18 29 Jun 2007

Internal card readers are USB readers except they connect to internal USB connection on MoBo instead of External USB ports, some even come with built in USB ports on reader.

  Totally-braindead 12:51 29 Jun 2007

I'm glad I was wrong, I must admit I did not read your post clearly and did not realise you had USB headers on the board.
Must learn to pay more attention. Appologies.
Regarding if the connections had not been suitable or if they were incorrectly connected the board would not have been destroyed, the worst thing that would have happened, as far as I know, would have been the USB would have blown. The board would have still worked but there would be no USB and a USB PCI card would have had to be purchased to overcome this.
Its very important when connecting anything to USB headers to be 100% certain you know what each connection is and to connect it correctly. Thankfully s99Raj clearly knew what he was doing.

Glad it worked s99Raj.

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