coolpix 5700 shutterstock

  dave05 19:54 04 Jul 2013

my coolpix 5700 shutter as locked,every photo i take is blank. as any one had this problem.or can any one help me sort this out.


  Nontek 21:31 04 Jul 2013

Maybe you have it set to Sleep?

Either the EVF or LCD must be turned on as there is no conventional optical viewfinder, so if you like to carry the camera "powered up and ready" just set the Auto-Off value to 30s or 1m and let it go to sleep to save power. A quick tap of the shutter button wakes the camera up and it's ready to shoot in about three seconds.

  Nontek 21:35 04 Jul 2013

Or maybe the AE/AF Lock?

Controls on side of the lens barrel: The Flash button cycles through the available modes (auto, fill, red-eye, slow-sync, off) and changes the ISO speed when held depressed while rotating the command dial. Next to that is the Resolution button (RAW, Hi, Fine, Normal, Basic), hold and rotate command dial to select the image size. The AE/AF LOCK button is used to hold the exposure and focus (the mode can be changed by a menu option for just AE or AF or both). The Focus button selects the desired mode (autofocus, infinity, macro self-timer) and when held enables Manual Focus by rotating the command dial.

  Nontek 21:55 04 Jul 2013

Or perhaps find the answer here ... Coolpix 5700

  dave05 23:01 04 Jul 2013

i have reset everything to factory setting but this did not solve the problem i will try what you have suggest

  dave05 23:17 04 Jul 2013

the camera focus is zooming in and out the flash pops up but my photos are blank on my display the setting are ( Left T M 1/60 F7.6 Right FLOWER 400 SXGA BASIC 76 photos

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