Cooliris problem

  muddypaws 10:30 11 Apr 2010

The last two days I have been unable to play music or videos on here click here
I select a video or song and just get horizontal intereference.
Even the 'Contact us' page has the same problem.
Been working normally for months.
If any one has the programme could they check it out for me please.

  jack 10:46 11 Apr 2010

Last year I was getting the same result
My Browser is Fire Fox
Images full of raster.
Then after much fiddling and question asking - here and elsewhere I concluded that increments to FireFox had somehow made Cool Iris incompatible and I gave up on it.
Even BBC News if relocating a news item picked up from CoolIris- it want awry whilst the main screen stayed OK.
Then you raised your query- so I clicked your link.
And presto it Worked
So thank you for that.

Suggest you make sure you are on the latest Browsers
-are you FireFox?
and reinstall- Cooliris.

  [email protected] 10:53 11 Apr 2010

Im using firefox plugin with no issues.

  muddypaws 11:12 11 Apr 2010

Thanks for quick response.
I'm on latest FF.
Will Revo it away and reinstall.

  muddypaws 11:29 11 Apr 2010

Next question!!
It doesn't show up anywhere in Revo, Programme files nor start/all progs.
Well there is an icon in the latter, but it is 'empty' and I deleted it.
Have d/loaded the latest version for FF 3.6, but no change.
I'll try an Agent Ransack search.

  muddypaws 11:42 11 Apr 2010

Have deleted what I could after a 'search', but some files wouldn't go.
D/loaded the FF add on for it, but no luck.

  [email protected] 12:13 11 Apr 2010

have a look from within Firefox,should be under
Tools>add ons
also while your in there check other add ons are up to date.
Tools>add ons>Find updates

  muddypaws 13:42 11 Apr 2010

All are up to date, thanks.
I did read on their site that it wasn't compatible with a beta version of flash player. Pretty sure it was flash player.
I only have v.10 according to add/remove, and no size next to it, and I have re installed it.
Cooliris isn't exactly an essential programme, so will wait and see if it mends itself.
Still works on all my photo albums and the news text is OK.
Thanks for your help.
Will wait for any further suggestions before resolving.

  jack 08:30 13 Apr 2010

Following my first- CoolIris no longer works, icon does not come to desk top, and on one occasion when I tried to force the issue crashed FireFox.

I keep a pretty 'slim' machine with very few auxiliary programs/addons
but something seem to be clashing.
But what?

  muddypaws 09:24 13 Apr 2010

Well it can't be any video setting peculiar to my PC then. Strange that it came back temporarily for you.
I dragged the address bar icon to the d/t and it opens OK from there and no FF crashes.
As I said all fine except for videos.
See if I can consult their forums sometime.

  muddypaws 11:59 13 Apr 2010

If you can open CI and click on the ? help at the bottom all their instructional videos play!

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