Cooling fans.

  rdave13 19:06 19 Jun 2010

Ordinary tower with large "silent" fan on PSU. CPU cooling fan with inlet from side of case and an extracting fan at rear.
PSU fan intakes air (into the case) as well as the CPU one.
A tad fed up of cleaning the interior every few month of dust so was wondering if it would be worthwhile investing in a front fan to also expel air? Fans are cheap enough so would that help in keeping the dust level down and, therefore, cooling would be more efficient?
Being a lazy devil, at times, would it also mean less delving in to the tower with brush and Dyson?

  rdave13 19:20 19 Jun 2010

Correction to post. PSU fan extracts air. (Should have checked). So at rear I have two fans extracting and CPU intaking at side.
What should the proposed front fan do? Extract or intake?

  rdave13 21:36 19 Jun 2010

Any takers?
I'm thinking of the new front fan as extracting?

  rdave13 22:08 19 Jun 2010

Talking to myself here aren't I?
Seems to help, though, as the problem seems to fix its self? Possibly?

  rdave13 13:26 23 Jun 2010

Just an update. Installed front fan and it's expelling air. CPU is 4° cooler, hdd is 6° cooler and the GPU is the same temp at idle. Just have to wait and see how fast/slow the dust will accumulate.

  onthelimit 15:46 23 Jun 2010

I would have thought that the fans at the rear would be sufficient - air in at the front and blown out at the back. No way really to stop the build up of dust (except using the PC in a less dusty place!).

  rdave13 17:09 23 Jun 2010

It's the buildup of dust behind the front cover and on the hard drive, where the airflow was low, that was the problem. At least now there's a good flow of air there so the dust might take longer to collect.

  onthelimit 17:36 23 Jun 2010

It's normal to have a flow of air across the tower, ie in at the front and out at the back. But, if what you have works for you , then fine!

  robin_x 20:05 23 Jun 2010

Download Speedfan or HWFan. To keep an eye on things.

  rdave13 20:09 23 Jun 2010

Already doing, thanks.

  Dark Mantis 20:43 23 Jun 2010

The standard agreed is to pull air in at one end, blow across the components to be cooled(CPU, RAM, graphics card, etc) and then exhaust it out the other end.

In -> component -> component -> component -> Out

How many fans you use in this configuration is largely up to you. The best way of stopping dust is to put dust filters on the outside of the input fans. You don't need them on the output fans. These are very cheap and just screw on. Just dont forget to clean them every so often.

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