Cooling fan required for Tiny A-380 Tualatin L/Top

  Giggle n' Bits 00:49 01 Apr 2005

Does anyone know where you can buy in the uk a cooling fan which fits the above Laptop please.

The fan is creaking from cold like mad, I have managed to remove the keyboard and locate this fan underneath it has 1464G1 on the panel over the fan.

The Laptop again is a Tiny A-380 Tualatin according to sticker under keyboard. But on sticker underneath the laptop its says A-360+

  Nocandu 08:17 01 Apr 2005

hi Try a company called PCHUB they are not in the UK but do have a good selection of secondhand spares and excellent delivery service.

  Mariu 12:26 05 Apr 2005

Hello, I'm looking for the same fan (A-380 Tualatin) fora a Gericom Laptop. I looked on the store mentioned PCHUB but they don't have it. Please tell me if you find it elsewhere. I need a store that delivers to Spain.

  TomJerry 12:49 05 Apr 2005

you may be able to find an alternative with the same size

  Giggle n' Bits 23:47 05 Apr 2005

Micro-Mart do this repair but I do not know if they actually sel the fan. on the Techno-Mart site there is a online instruction with pics for changing this fan and its a pain of a job. Definaltly best for Laptop specialist to carry this out and I will be sending my laptop to them.

Apparently the original fan/ HSF for these Laptops are no longer made. They now have a substitue and the fitting is a Soldering job because of this.

Techno-Mart at click here

Hope this helps you as this helped me

  Mariu 09:22 06 Apr 2005

Hello all and thanks!
I couldn't find the on line help on techno mart site. If you could give me the direct link would be great. If it's really difficult I will send it to a specialist, but I would like to try it myself, for I can't find anyone who will fix it in my city and I have to send it to the shop..
Manwile, physical size of fan is 60mm x 53mm. Can I use any same size fan? do you know any model with the same size?
Thank you all in advance.

  Total Care Support 11:17 14 Apr 2005

Hi Le Chip

I dont know if you have managed to resolve the fan issue, I do not normally post in the Help Room so I had not seen this post.

I dont know the model that you are talking about from the name of it I know it was not one we supplied meaning it will be an O.T. Computers Tiny, They did supply FIC 360 and 360+ notebooks.

If you bought this system from Tiny send me an email with the postcode to which it was invoiced and I will pull up your account from the archives so I can find out precisley what system it is.

Hopefully then I will be able to point you to the correct place for the fan.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

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