Cooling fan question- Pls help

  Tattooeddude 14:57 26 Jul 2003

Just wondering if this cooling fan will be ok with this processor. The proceessor is an AMD Althon XP 3000 2.25 Ghz. The cooling fan is a AMD XP 2800+ will it be ok? Everything seems ok. This is the first time I have build a pc and I'm not very sure.

Thanks in advance

  Diemmess 16:49 26 Jul 2003

The type numbers you give are those of the CPU not the fan.

CPU fans tend to be fairly standard for a particular mother board/processor type. What matters is that they must be working efficiently.

I'm pretty sure that the old fan would be alright, but if you are buying a new processor it seems wiser to buy a new fan at the same time.

Some "offers" include a new heat sink and fan as part of the deal, just make sure if you buy, that it is the appropriate one for your mobo and CPU.

  AdeJ 17:01 26 Jul 2003

check with click here - they list all approved fans and heatsinks for their processors.

Do you know what heatsink / fan you're looking at using?

  BillEmm 17:08 26 Jul 2003

There are two XP2800+ cpus: one with a Thoroughbred core and the other a Barton. The former (TB) runs at the same speed (2166) as the XP3000+ (Barton) and uses the same power. The chipset die on the Barton is 20 percent larger than that on the T'bred and so cooling is less critical - or so I've read.

Anyway, the XP2800+ cooler should be quite adequate, but once fitted keep an eye on the temperature for a few days.

Make sure you have cleaned off all the old cooling paste/gunge from the old heatsink and use a good quality paste (Arctic Silver eg), used sparingly, to connect the heatsink to the new cpu die. Care in this operation is essential.


  richardson_neil2003 17:43 26 Jul 2003

Im sorry I am about to stray from the subject, but I have installed this program onto my computer, its Called HDD Health and it gives me some information about my Hard disk. One of the things it tells me is the current temp of the hard disk. The problem I have is that it says that the current temp is up around 44-45 degrees C after only a few hours use. Everything seems to be working fine, but Is this right? It would be really good if someone could tell me. Thanks and regards, Neil

  Smiler 18:19 26 Jul 2003

You should really start a new thread as you are talking about something totally different from the subject at the start of this thread. You'll get more response that way.

  AdeJ 11:16 27 Jul 2003

I have no idea what my HDD temp is - I've never measured it and don't intend to. With a good airflow going through my case and an internal ambient temperature usually between 25 and 35ÂșC I see no reason to worry about it!

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