cooling fan noise

  the hick 23:03 10 Feb 2004

My 3 yr. old pc has 3 fans, one on power supply, one on the CPU (celeron 900)(Abit SA6 MB) and a 'blue orb' on the graphics card. Overall, it is a bit noisy. Is it possible to disconnect or slow-down any of them? Or fit quieter replacements? Many thanks for any advice.

  VoG II 23:19 10 Feb 2004

I currently run a system against this one just for fun, in other words just to see how far I can screw it down before it blows up so far I have not managed to do it much harm even clocking it to alomst twice its rated speed, currently 2.4 gig, and all in almost complete silence, how you may ask, simple water cooling, total cost less than fifty quid including the run to the scrappy to scavenge the bits I needed.

I you really want a quiet system I suggest this method to you, look at click here were you will find everything you need to silence your errant computer and prolong it's life considerably.

If this is not your solution of choice then yes you can chage the cooling fans, all three of em for quieter cheap alternatives, most can be bought off the shelf from PCWORLD or any good component store.

Hope this helps.


  Stuartli 09:28 11 Feb 2004

Make sure the fans are secured tightly as vibration can cause noise.

I find that occasionally taking the main case and similar fans out, removing the bearings cover (it needs to be done carefully so it can be replaced without problems) and then inserting a drop of two of Redex, light sewing machine oil or Slick50 lubricant (in the aerosol form) quietens fans down substantially; it also helps prolong their lifespan.

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