cooling cpu

  SHED 15:17 09 Jul 2006

i have a 3.2 prescott cpu it runs at between 50c to 64c is this to hot or is it ok.The system is ok when i start but when it gets to warm the system slows down and sometimes freezes,when i mean slow i mean slow.any ideas on a very good cooler for this cpu cheers any one

  andrew-196854 16:39 09 Jul 2006

may this might be of intrest click here

  andrew-196854 16:42 09 Jul 2006

sorry that link not quite right click on it anyway on the left hand side click labs and at the bottom pentium 4 hsf fans i think its the artic colling one you might want to look at

  Stuartli 16:48 09 Jul 2006

My Athlon XP 3200 has been reaching up to 67-68 degrees C in the recent hot weather (CPU fan set on minimum and occasionally speeded up to cool it down).

However, it's rated up to 85 degrees C so I've no worries; however the Bios is set to shut off the CPU if the temperature reaches 70 degrees C in case of emergency, such as fan failure.

  DieSse 20:22 09 Jul 2006

This cooler is truly excellent Thermalright XP90 see click here which will run with your processor.

I run it with a slow 92mm fan (virtually silent) - so silent I recently found the fan failed, yet the cooler keeping the CPU below 50º - OK so it's only a Northwood 2.4GHZ - but it speaks volumes for the efficiency of a good heat-pipe cooler.

The XP120 is even larger, and presumably even more efficient.

Get the fan seperately and choose a variable speed model with 15dB noise or less.

It'll cost - but it'll work excellently.

PS Im in Spain and it's darned hot here too!!

  DieSse 22:49 09 Jul 2006

PS - with a quietish, everyday case fan (80mm) fitted temporarily, the CPU is at the moment at 37º in an ambient temp of 27.6º - also excellent.

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