cooler master wave case

  okcoky 21:02 13 Aug 2004

please help!i have just started to build my own pc for the first time and need some advise.i have a cooler master wave case and i need to know where some wiring the front of the case there are 2 fans,both of which have the normal 4 pin male and female connectors which are spur off each other(eg i male and female comming off of each motherbord has 3 pin connecters and how do i go about attaching all 4 pin conectors to wherever they go to? the other problem is that it has 2 led lights at the front (just decrotive with the same connectors as the fans again where do these go to.please make this in simple terms as i am new to this(plus i am 45 years old and the memory is going lol,thanx all

  Stowit 21:11 13 Aug 2004

The big 4 pin plugs will be Molex type, not to plug into the mobo. They are male (plugs into female from PSU) & female so you don't loose a connection from the PSU. Ie you can plug one into the other (fan) then into the PSU & something else into the 'spare' The processor fan usualy goes to the mobo, & maybe an additional 'system' or case fan.

  Stowit 21:18 13 Aug 2004

Sorry just read some more, same aplies to the LEDs. All the gizmos (lights & fans) use too many of the connections from the PSU so often have 'pass throughs' Just make sure your PSU has enough power for all the bits in total ie HDDs CD drives etc fans processor etc

  okcoky 21:21 13 Aug 2004

thanx fo that,so let me just get this clear,one goes to psu,2join to each othe and one is spare incase i want to connect it to anything,that right?

  okcoky 21:22 13 Aug 2004

i will need splitters and have just got 550w psu

  okcoky 21:28 13 Aug 2004

on the top of the case there is connections fors headphones,mic,usb etc i have connected it all but the main power wire from the motherboard has a metal spade spuring from it to i connect this to the inside of the case as i presume it is am earth wire,ps it arrived like this from coolermater with the connections already attached at the top,they had not bothered to connect it to anything

  Stowit 21:30 13 Aug 2004

550 should be plenty for almost anything. I don't know what spliters are. If they're what I think thats effectively what the fans are trying to avoid. They use one plug, but give you one back. I'd just plug things in to leave the least wire birds nest. I doubt any one thing (or 2) will draw so much power to cause problems. As long as the total doesn't exceed your PSU. 550w - it wont.

  Stowit 21:35 13 Aug 2004

I don't know, but it sounds like an earth. The others to the mobo or apropriate card (sound or USB)

  okcoky 21:49 13 Aug 2004

i attached all the wires from the top to the motherboard the top ones were preconnected all accept for the small black wire with the small metal spade would it do any harm to either connect it/or not connect it?

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