cooler master case securing expansion cards

  absent 17:49 13 Dec 2011

I have just installed a graphic card to replace the onboard,and for the life of me cannot understand how you are supposed to secure the card.There are no screw fixings,I suspect it is supposed to be tool free. The case is in the elite series and aprox two years old.


  ICF 18:59 13 Dec 2011

There should be like a blue lever that you open then install the card.Then close the lever again

  absent 19:29 13 Dec 2011

Thank you for the reply, but I need to Know how to secure the card to the case, normally it is with a threaded screw.

Regards, Alan

  KRONOS the First 19:29 13 Dec 2011

Which model of Coolermaster case have you got?

  KRONOS the First 19:32 13 Dec 2011

Ignore above. just fully read your post, oops I was right there are a few Elites so which one?

  ICF 19:39 13 Dec 2011

On the Elite 330 you can use the quick release mechanism or a screw

  absent 20:08 13 Dec 2011

CoolerMaster Elite 333 Black Case With CM eXtreme Power 460W PSU, I must be stupid as I cannot see how to secure an add on card. I will try and find a picture and post it.


  ICF 20:17 13 Dec 2011

Shows your here Elite 333

  absent 19:35 14 Dec 2011

Thank you all, it was me being stupid,when I built this PC I installed an ethernet card (no longer used) incorrectly I put it over the top of the locking bar,wondered at the time why there was no way to to secure the card! Anyway took the cards out, reinstalled,locked them down, great.

Thank again, Alan

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