Cool web is doing my head in

  Devious Dave 18:24 19 Jul 2004

Problem 1 - Right this the second time my computer has been infected with this cool web. All it seams to do is change my homepage. Last time it was easy to remove simply downloaded a program called CWshredder and it was gone. This time however I have run CWshredder and it does find it and says its removed it but then when I restart the homepage has changed again. The PC has spyblaster installed, I have run adaware, spybot, none of which can do anything about it. How do I get rid of it? and why isn't CWshredder removing it properly? I have also uninstalled java machine or something which CWshredder suggested to prevent infect again.

Problem 2 - does anyone know of a GOOD program that protects against all this spy, ad and any other ware that I don't know about yet. This seams to be a big problem in the IT industry and there doesn't seam to be any software that truly works at preventing it getting on our computers.

Thanks, David.

  Taw® 19:09 19 Jul 2004

click here download this to prevent your home page changing. I will watch this post as I have a similar problem with the search bar loaded on to IE at first CWshredder removed it but it is back and shredder no longer sees it. I run all the norm Ad-ware 6 spyboy/guard and blaster on my three comps but it is only my daughters that gets attacked no doubt to do with the sites she has visited

  JFT 20:33 19 Jul 2004

The best way to prevent hijackers and malware is to ditch Internet Explorer, as it has too many security holes and is the browser that most hackers and script kiddies are going to target due to its popularity.
Since i ditched Internet Explorer some months ago for Firefox i have not had AdAware or Spybot pick up one piece of malware.Here is a few reasons Why:-

* It is not integrated with Windows, which helps prevent viruses and hackers from causing damage if they somehow manage to compromise Firefox.
* There is no support for VBScript and ActiveX, two technologies which are the reasons for many IE security holes.
* No spyware/adware software can automatically install in Firefox just by visiting a web site.
* Firefox doesn't use Microsoft's Java VM, which has a history of more flaws than other Java VMs.
* You have complete control over cookies.

I am sure there will be others who will back me up but i can honestly say since i have ditched Internet Explorer i have not had any security problems whatsoever.Any way thats my two cents worth, and no i don't work for Mozilla , but the best thing you can do is ditch Internet Explorer for another browser be it Firefox,Opera,Mozilla etc etc

  absent 20:49 19 Jul 2004

Try this,read and follow the instructions carefully click here

  GaT7 21:18 19 Jul 2004

To completely remove Coolwebsearch (& it's many variants) see the info at PestPatrol - click here. Follow the removal instructions there remembering to reboot your PC as & when required. HTH, G

  mammak 22:37 19 Jul 2004

Devious Dave hi, this may or may not help!
and by no means egnore the exellent advice above,
but after being troubled by much the same problems as your good self before running anything like CWS turn of systen restore, and switch back after the scan, then make a new restore point.Regards Mammak.

  terryr48 22:49 19 Jul 2004

I know you have probably done this but have you deleted all your temp internet files-my mate had a problem with coolwebsearch and after running cw shredder it came back until we deleted temp internet files and running cw shredder then it disappeared and so far it hasn't returned

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