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  JC1303 08:16 21 Mar 2004

I don't know if any of you can help with this program.
I have been trying to create a CD without any gaps in the music so I have used the multitrack view to arrange all the tracks and have put the track cues in place but when I use Easy CD creator to record the CD it records it all as 1 track, ignoring the cues I have put in.
How can I record the CD as separate tracks?

  Philbat 23:38 17 Jul 2004

I had the same problem (running CEP v1.2 on W98). My solution was simply to create a separate .WAV file for each required track and use the Soundstream option of Easy CD Creator (v5.0). Call all the .WAV files into the Source section, then copy them to the destination section, get them into the required order and record. If you then look at the finished CD with Windows Explorer you should find each track listed with file type .CDA and size 1KB - which is what you see with a commercial CD.

I'm going to post a CEP query - you may know the answer. I want to upgrade my PC and am trying to find if CEP v 1.2 will run under Windows XP. I've contacted Adobe who took over CEP from Syntrillium but all they could suggest was upgrade my CEP at a cost of £139!

  Night Ryder 01:06 18 Jul 2004

You will have to save all the tracks you wish to put on the CD sepparately as .wav @ 44.1 stereo. You will then have to open your CD burn software.
I use Nero so can only tell you settings for this program. Within the burning software there is an option to set the gap between tracks, default is usually set to 2 seconds. You could try to reduce this setting.

  Night Ryder 01:11 18 Jul 2004

Sorry didn't notice earlier you are using CD creator. However same principle applies. Adjust the track sepparation within the program settings. If you can set this to zero the music will play continuously and you will still see the track list as opposed to being contained within one track.

  Simsy 06:40 18 Jul 2004

it certainly runs under win2000 OK... I think it runs OK under XP... We have a number of machines at work with XP, and a number with 2000.... and some of them have CEP 1.2.... I think some of the XP machines have it on... but I can't be sure... I'll confirm when I can.



  Simsy 06:44 18 Jul 2004

Seems this has been answered elsewhere...

I'll go now!



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