Cookies:why is Pcadvisor trying to put em on my Pc

  wots it all about 23:38 13 Jul 2006

I have changed my 3rd party cookie settings to 'prompt'and found that it is very surprising the amount of stuff that is trying to get onto your Pc isnt it!
For example, why are

3)click here (not checked this site out in case its a nasty)

trying to put cookies on here???

  wots it all about 00:02 14 Jul 2006

By 'here' I mean my computer!

  wots it all about 00:13 14 Jul 2006

Checked out click here and it is purely an advertising site...I'm not happy - should this be happening???

  ade.h 00:16 14 Jul 2006

PCA has to make its crust from the ad revenue, unfortunately (in the absence of a subscription, but that has mixed opinions).

Just block them if you don't want them.

  johnnyrocker 00:18 14 Jul 2006

get yourself some good anti spyware progs.


  wots it all about 00:25 14 Jul 2006

hmmmm, I'm very surprised thats all.

I have lots of anti spyware installed - I am quite paranoid!

  Stuartli 00:29 14 Jul 2006

In the case of PC Advisor you have very little to worry about.

It's the shadier websites with which you should be concerned...:-)

  wots it all about 00:32 14 Jul 2006

I just think that as i didnt give my permission for any of them to be put on my pc, they shouldnt be there....sorry if Im being pedantic, but I value my right to privacy!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:58 14 Jul 2006

For gawd's sake, you are using a free resource and not paying £1 a minute, the cookies do not identify you, why should you worry, your computer is not important. Get real and accept the fact that many siters use cookies. You have the choice not to use the internet. The Internet is an OPEN resource and there is no privacy. If this concerns you do not use it. /sigh. Have you removed your name from the electoral roll?


  iscanut 07:34 14 Jul 2006

If you are so paranoid, disable ALL cookies and then see what happens !! Some sites become unusable, some will lose your log in details..etc.. As Gandalf states, your choice !

  Graham ® 09:05 14 Jul 2006

PCA cookies mean you don't have to login on every visit.

If you use CCleaner click here after every session you can delete all cookies except ones you elect to keep.

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