Cookies Stuck !

  Boarder 14:00 25 Nov 2003

Hi, i try my hardest to have a perfectly cleen comp, i recently tried to delete some gifs etc from temp internet files, but even if i reboot in safe, they still wont delete, and i have also changed read only properties of temp int files folder but still no joy, also i have tried XTeq Xsetup cache cleaner, but STILL no joy, HHHEEELLLPPP !!!



  rawprawn 14:10 25 Nov 2003

can you give us the proper file names

  Jester2K II 14:38 25 Nov 2003

Try Supercleaner click here

  canard 14:59 25 Nov 2003

If the cookies are in temporary internet files- content you can just delete all or any of the 4 [in Win 98] content files and get rid of the lot.
on my old win98 se pc empty internet files when closing browser works faultlessly but on my new win98 se pc it's erratic and ALWAYS leaves files measuring 0kb and sporadically accumulates and retains acres of junk. Both have same patches and updates on IE6. Does anyone know why 2 identical PCs behave differently?

  Boarder 02:47 26 Nov 2003

59(2).js (javascript)

click here

click here (HTML Doc)

click here

click here

click here (HTML Doc)

These are the properties of files locked in Temp internet files, any ideas??

  rawprawn 07:53 26 Nov 2003

Try going to regedit and use find to locate them there, then delete them from the registry.

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