Cookies and related problems

  bunkered 23:09 11 May 2004

Struggled to log in after registering as kept getting informed was logged in then advised need to change security settings. (Eventually got in via this site) Have similar problems with other sites sayin my PC wont accept cookies although security setting is set at 'medium'.

Related problem is that keep getting disconnected from broad band connection by a sex site. Uninstalling makes no difference as it still always cuts me off a few minutes after comnnecting. (then OK till next time I connect) Cant find a cookie with the same name 'Hot_Kiss' so dont know if thats the problem. Any help you experts can give would be VERY welcome!

  Simon_P 23:29 11 May 2004

go click here and download Ad-aware 6 intsall and run, follow instructions.

This should cure your problems.

  Wak 19:16 12 May 2004

There's a FREE program called Cookie Jar by Jason Levine which will help you sort out your cookies in to ALLOWED, BANNED and UNDECIDED.
Enter the name in GOOGLE.

  bunkered 20:21 13 May 2004

Thanks for the responses. Downloaded Ad-ware and it removed 9 files and now getting into sites so cookies dont seem to be a problem now but the unwanted site is still appearing each time I connetc to the net.

Shortly after connecting to internet I am cut off and the icons for 'Hot_Kiss ' appear and I am cut off and I am invited to connect via Hot_Kiss.

Can anyone help further please?


  Eastender 23:17 13 May 2004
  bunkered 22:03 14 May 2004

Thanks to all problem now seems to be resolved. What was needed was to set Ad-ware to run at strat up which it was not set to as default.

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