Cookies experts?

  lonelyenigma 17:23 25 Jul 2004

I have a real problem with cookies or cookies-related stuff. First I could not use the send function of Yahoo Mail. I switch to hotmail, but now the browser wouldn't bring me there, reason: no cookies. And I could not post in a forum. What is wrong. Or it is true after all that cookies is the one to blame here.
Please help me. I am really desperate, it is not the first time I re-setup Windows, and I only use Window98
Please please

  Valvegrid 19:43 25 Jul 2004

No one seems to have answered which I'm surprised about.

I assume you are using IE6? If so, try and lower your privacy settings slightly, on the top menu bar go to Tools and click on it, go down to Internet settings and click on it. Along the tabs I think there's one marked Privacy, if you click on it you should see a slider bar on the left, try lowering it to medium and try again. That will allow cookies required to enter those sites.

Come back here if you still have problems.


  end 22:12 25 Jul 2004

Hi...I have win 98se and both BT Yahoo and Yahoo mail here; what is the computer still not letting you do, adn what other things do you have on your system;

and can you expand on how far you got when trying to post on a forum ( might be able to have some ideas but will see.(famous last words!!))

  lonelyenigma 05:08 28 Jul 2004

In fact I did just that. I have tampered with the registry, can it be the root cause of all this stuff?
I am considering re setting up the windows again

  johnnyrocker 06:53 28 Jul 2004

pop up stopper?


  Valvegrid 07:13 28 Jul 2004

Did you back up the registry prior to tampering?

If you didn't, you could try going into DOS by tapping the F8 key on start-up then select command prompt and at the prompt type scanreg/restore it will return a list of dates when the machine saved the registry, select a date when you think machine was working OK, or before you last tampered with the registry, at least it will get you back to were you started.

  lonelyenigma 05:40 29 Jul 2004

I did just that and chose the most dated back-up. But I could not open any website now. Let's say, I dit something and then notices of " not found file related to SYSTEM.INI" appeared. Because it read I should remove any programs related to this so I use regedit and searched for all files related to it and then deleted(!). The notices don't appear any more (!) but neither could I open any websites.
I have re-setup the Win98 but another thing : I forgot the product key for Win98 second edition.
Please anyone who have good memory??

  Valvegrid 06:51 29 Jul 2004

The product key is held in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion {ProductKey}

It sounds like it might be an idea to reinstall win98 over itself. You can do that OK, but I would advise backing up your important data first, just in case.

  lonelyenigma 06:25 30 Jul 2004

Thanks valvegrid, I will make a note of that. But remember I can't start my PC just now because the setup process is broken, so how can I just log in to the registry. By the way can you recommend the best book to start with registry?. My last one only advised me to start back up after I had done a great deal with regedit.
To END, you use the Win98 too right, could you check out the product key for me please ? remember second edition. I swear I'll make an end to this frustrating stuff.

  Valvegrid 07:18 30 Jul 2004

You have to get into Windows to edit the registry.

Have you tried going into safe mode?

Switch on and keep tapping the F8 key and select safe mode from the menu. I'm not sure if you can edit the registry from there because I've never tried. You need to get into the registry to recover your product key prior to re-installing Windows. It's worth and try anyway, unless some else has a more devious means.

  end 15:50 30 Jul 2004

sorry...I missed the entry in the above response; I have been somewhat concentrating on the dilemmas unfolding in another thread....

my info for you ...I have Guard IE on my computer nd in it I have to "allow" certain cookies; I have told the program which pages on the web i will "allow" to keep cookies etc on my system .

from your 0625 above, can you yet open windows??
and what happened when you attempted to send any mail in Yahoo mail...are you referring to Yahoo mail or BT Yahoo mail??and , are you actually connected to the web when attempting to send you e mails??(yes, I know itis stating the obvious" but..

and, if the thing is "playing up" ..have you run scan disc and disc defrgment??//

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