Cookies disappear every month

  SV 21:03 01 Feb 2005

Hi, I'm using IE6 on XP SP2. For some reason, on the first of every month, all my cookies are deleted. This is a real pain as it mucks up various web-sites. Can anyone help?

  freaky 22:11 01 Feb 2005

If your cookies are deleted then it should not affect your web-sites as they will be re-installed next time you visit.

If the cookies are being deleted automaticaly every month, then this would be because you have at sometime instructed either Explorer or your Security system to do so.

  VoG II 22:14 01 Feb 2005

A scheduled task?

  SV 20:04 02 Feb 2005

Hi - thanks for the suggestions.

VoG - I haven't got any scehduled tasks that I can find.

freaky - you suggest it might be because that I instructed IE to do it, where would that happen? I've looked and I can't find anything. As for my security system, I use AVG anti-virus and it doesn't seem to touch cookies, & the Windows Firewall.

  SV 20:35 02 Feb 2005

I've been doing some digging. Although the cookies folder is emptied monthly, the index.dat file still contains them all (I found out by using a freeware program called RegSeeker). Knowing that they are in index.dat doesn't really help though, 'cos they still don't work!

  citadel 20:47 02 Feb 2005

I delete cookies and temp internet files after every online session. It does not affect web sites as you get new ones every time you go online.

  VoG II 20:50 02 Feb 2005

Have you checked the expiry date of cookies?

  SV 21:10 02 Feb 2005

I actually want the cookies to persist - I have log-in details for several sites that I don't want to have to re-enter each time, and my partner is looking for a job and uses lots of on-line recruiting sites that need persistent cookies to keep track of things.

  Audeal 21:26 02 Feb 2005

Cookie Wall will allow you to control which cookies you keep and which ones you can delete.

Take a look at it here. click here

  SV 21:31 25 May 2005

The odd behaviour continues but doesn't worry anymore as I've switched to Firefox and only use IE when I really have to.

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