Cookies are only ever temporary

  masonman1939 17:03 25 Jun 2003

Whilst IE is up cookies are generated and usable.
After IE has been closed down and restarted, upon the next site visit my cookies have diappeared and all data has to be re-entered. I have checked and verified that 'empty temp internet' is NOT checked. Anyway surely some cookies are permanent and available to identify you and your preferences.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

System is P3, 40GB, Win XP, and IE6.


  woodchip 17:12 25 Jun 2003

I would be glad if they disappeared of my comp, time reloading is better than people knowing every whare you've been on the net

  graham√ 17:53 25 Jun 2003

Try 'Cookie Wall' from click here

I can highly recommend it.

  masonman1939 19:25 25 Jun 2003

Thanks guys but, with respect, this isn't getting it done for me.
I want cookies, they serve a useful purpose. I don't want to exclude them - which cookie wall will do, but I do want some of them to become resident on my machine, and not disappear when I close IE.
Any more ideas?


  christmascracker 19:30 25 Jun 2003

With "cookie wall" you can choose which cookies to keep and which ones to get rid of.

  Gaz 25 19:34 25 Jun 2003

Are the cookie bloking settings too high in IE security?

  masonman1939 19:37 25 Jun 2003

Thanks for the thought, but no they are set as low as poss.
THe point is that the cookies expire as soon as IE is closed.
Once upon a time they worked normally, but no they don't.

  BurrWalnut 19:38 25 Jun 2003

Have a look in IE at Tools, Internet Options, Advanced Tab and check that "Inline Autocomplete" (or similar wording) is checked and that "Empty Temp Int Files" is not checked.

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