moh23 21:01 30 Oct 2006

just been looking at all the cookies on my pc,how do i know which ones are needed,and how do they affect my pc as regards slowing it down,should i delete the ones that are not needed

  GEEKSTA 21:07 30 Oct 2006

i dont think you can really do that?.
One way to find out it to delete them all, this will wipe out any spyware lurking in the cookies. Its may make your internet abit slower but you should delete them every so often.

  VoG II 21:21 30 Oct 2006

"but you should delete them every so often"


  woodchip 21:26 30 Oct 2006

I get rid as soon as I close browser

  GEEKSTA 21:35 30 Oct 2006

there could be sypware in them. if you run spyware doctor i always find tons of sypware in the cookies folder.

You dont have to but.. its what i do anyway.
In IE 7 in tools and then browsing history , you can delete the cookies and everything else you have browsed on.
I get a sense of satisfactory after deleting my browsing history if you know what i mean. lol

  VoG II 21:37 30 Oct 2006

"there could be sypware in them"

Absolute nonsense!

  woodchip 21:42 30 Oct 2006

There is such things as Tracking cookies. That trace where you have been, Then collect info. So call it what you will but I do not like it doing that. Even though I keep it clean as regards Web Pages I visit

  GEEKSTA 21:45 30 Oct 2006

i will tell you what spyware doctor says when its finished the scan.

  GEEKSTA 21:48 30 Oct 2006

woodchip you have just run my memory thanks. Vog they are called tracking cookies. I will still tell you what my log says.

  VoG II 21:54 30 Oct 2006

Cookies do not (and cannot) contain spyware. They are simple data files that monitor your internet usage. Tracking cookies record your browsing history.

  GEEKSTA 21:59 30 Oct 2006

but according to spyware doctor its a threat?

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