[DELETED] 16:14 10 Aug 2003

Hi all
I am trying to clean out my unwanted cookies of my system running win98se (so i can give my granddaughter this system).
I took one look at them and was unable to understand what was what. is there away or a list in telling me what any partiqular cookie means.

  Terrahawk 16:20 10 Aug 2003

you can delete them all

  Terrahawk 16:22 10 Aug 2003

oops sorry should have added if you have sites with saved passwords such as this one make sure you keep a note of them before deleting cookies

  [DELETED] 18:14 10 Aug 2003

FYI Hacky
If you're replacing your system you can transfer your cookies & favorites to your new pc by using the export facility in IE. Then you can delete all cookies in your old system.
PS. It might be better, if you've got the OS cd to reformat the HD then re-install the OS
To export your cookies / favourites open IE then select file > import and export then follow the wizard. Save them to a floppy disc then import them on your new pc.

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