Cookie Problem

  AubreyS 16:38 14 Feb 2005

Hi all.

Up until yesterday, I was able to log into Ebay with no problems but now, I get this message...

The browser you are using is rejecting cookies.

I have changed nothing and I can get into other sites OK. I have checked my cookie settings and everything is normal and set ok.

Any ideas please?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:44 14 Feb 2005

Are you using choclate chip ones?

only joking ;-)

Have you tried going into TOOLS.INTERNET OPTIONS.PRIVACY.then put the slider down one notch.

Try clearing Temp internet files including all cookies.and try again.

hope this helps?


  AubreyS 16:52 14 Feb 2005

Only plain chocky one!! Yes I looked at all that... I have kept the settings the way they are normally set.

  Wak 17:04 14 Feb 2005

Hi AubreyS, Have a look at Cookiejar from click here
It will save all the cookies you really need and delete on start-up all the others you collect while surfing.

  AubreyS 17:38 14 Feb 2005

Thanks Wak.. Page cannot be found for cookie jar.

  AubreyS 17:59 14 Feb 2005


  AubreyS 19:38 14 Feb 2005


  Wak 19:39 14 Feb 2005

Go to the above site and click on PROGRAMS on the left.
Cookie Jar is the top item for downloading (68.2KB)

  AubreyS 19:45 14 Feb 2005

Thanks Wak. I have downloaded it now but I am still curios to know what has caused the problem. I did a ghost image just 2 days ago, so before I try Cookie Jar, I may restore the image first. Thanks

  AubreyS 22:09 14 Feb 2005

Last bump

  ade.h 22:20 14 Feb 2005

Check what cookies your privacy settings have blocked when your try Ebay; double-click on the eye on IE's status bar. There might be some Ebay cookies from slightly different URLs that you haven't added to your Allowed list.

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