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  Morphy 14:57 08 Dec 2004


I have created a logo in Word using WordArt, and now want to use it on my website. I have FrontPage at work, and have successful copied it across onto the webpage, and it comes out fine when it is embedded in the webpage.

However, I have Dreamweaver at home, and want the logo in a gif file to insert into my webpage on Ive created on it, but when I take the file created by FrontPage by itself, it comes out all pixelised.

Ive tried copying and pasting straight from Word to Fireworks, but it doesnt seem to let me do that.

Does anyone know how I can get a smooth gif file from this? I have FrontPage 2002 at work, and Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4 at home.

Cheers for any thoughts

  sunspeks 17:12 08 Dec 2004

Take a screen shot of it (hit the Print Screen key on a PC), then paste it into a program such as irfanview. You can crop the image with the program and save it in any number of file formats including gif and jpg.

click here

Great little program and it's free.

From fireworks you would have to export the image as a gif.


  sunspeks 17:13 08 Dec 2004

Oh boy, i am really finding the best for you guys,
here is another corker,

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. You can resize images, feather edges, erase, fill, magnify, and select portions of your images using the lasso tool. You can also create layers and add text to your images.

heres the link,

click here

  Taran 17:27 08 Dec 2004

The GIMP has been mentioned many times in these forums.

It is indeed a superb program, if you can get your head around it.

Being a Linux geek I've been using it for years and the current build in excellent. I am far more interested in the next version though, which has some extensive changes to the user interface.

Be warned that many users who fire up the GIMP for the first time stare at it for a few moments and then close it down again and go away shaking their heads. It is not like anything you have ever seen or used before and is a real departure to what many would class as 'the norm'.

That said, there's not much you can't do with it. I met a professional GIMP artist (how's that for a title ?) a few months ago and his work was breathtaking.

I guess I'm saying that having all of that potential power in a program is not the same as knowing how to use it.

If you use the screengrab option, there is nothing stopping you from pasting the resulting image into Microsoft Paint, which is free with Windows. You can select an area and copy it then paste it into a new Paint image and save it as a GIF. Paint does not have a crop tool and so selecting a portion of the image and pasting it into a new image is the way to get the area you want.

To paste a screengrab into Fireworks you need to create a new Fireworks image file first, then paste the screengrab onto it as a layer. Fromt hat point you may choose the File, Export option mentioned by sunspeks or just save it as a native Fireworks file format (PNG) which is supported by web browsers. This saves fooling around with the export settings to arive at your GIF file format and will give a better quality image.


  Taran 17:50 08 Dec 2004

If you want to download the GIMP, the link provided by sunspeks leads only to the runtime files which you install first, and not to the program installer itself.

Try this link for the GIMP website click here which leads to installers for use on Windows computers. If you prefer, here is the direct link to the GIMP for Windows Sourceforge page click here where you can select your download, but be sure to grab the runtime AND the program installer downloads, and you may want the optional help documentation too.

The runtime file is a 3.86 mb Zip file download while the program installer is 6.78 mb.


  Morphy 21:30 08 Dec 2004

Thanks for the responses guys I really appreciate it. I did think of doing a screendump, but ideally I would like to end up with a vector based image as it is originally, so I can resize it as I want without loss of quality, which I know I wont get with a screendump.

The GIMP sounds interesting tho, does anyone know if that will allow me to copy and paste WordArt/Drawing Objects straight from Word? Otherwise the screendump method Taran mentioned may be my only option?


  Taran 22:06 08 Dec 2004

No, the GIMP has no native support for Microsoft WordArt files as such.

I'm not sure why this should be such a chore though.

Selecting a WordArt file in a Microsoft Word document and hitting the Copy icon on the toolbar, or using Ctrl and C to copy it, or selecting Edit >> Copy - all of these methods copy the WordArt file to the clipboard.

Now open up Fireworks.

Click File then click New or use the Ctrl and N keys to create a new file in Fireworks.

Select the file dimensions - anything reasonable will do since you can always use the Modify >> Canvas >> Image Size or Modify >> Canvas >> Canvas Size options to adjust the size of your document.

Click on Edit and select Paste or use the Ctrl and V keys.

All you have done there is copy from a WordArt image from Word, create a blank image to work with in Fireworks, then pasted the WordArt file into the Fireworks image as a layer. It goes in as a bitmap and you can play with it, resize and otherwise manipulate the image to your hearts content and unless you go absolutely mad it will retain good quality.

Fireworks does not accept a Copy and Paste unless you create a document to paste onto or into. Fireworks treats a blank or new file as a canvas to work with. No canvas means no pasting of copied images.

Other image editors like Paint Shop Pro allow you to open the program and simply hit Ctrl and V or Edit, Paste and select the Paste as New Image option. Doing that creates a new document file based on the clipboard image.

Anyway, I'm going off on one here.

As long as you create a blank file first in Fireworks you can indeed use a simple copy in Word then Paste into Fireworks. Do whatever you like with it from that point. There's not much you can't do with Fireworks and if all you want to do is fool around with WordArt images I'd say you'd be completely wasting your time with the GIMP.

Fireworks is one of the best image editors you can get and is friendlier by far than the GIMP.

  harristweed 12:58 09 Dec 2004

Create the wordart in Word. Save the document as HTML. This will create a folder (the same name as the Document) with the wordart stored as a gif.

You can also use this method for reducing the file size of jpg files.

Insert the jpg into a word doc. Save as Html. Hy Presto - reduced.

  jazzman747 19:59 10 Dec 2004

If anybody out there has used lots of word art on their website take a look at it with firefox they will look terrible, I know IE is still used by 94% but you still want your site looking good no matter what browser your page is viewed with, so avoid graphics made within word frontpage, Fireworks is
best but paint will do and as mentioned above you can always convert with infranview.

Saving as html will still leave you with a rough gif
that cannot be improved upon.

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