Converting a Word file into a Picture file - how?

  Nagpur 00:38 22 Apr 2008

Can I easily convert a ".doc" file into a ".jpg" file? At present I print the doc file and then scan the print in, into jpg format, but this seems a roundabout way of doing things. I use WindowsXP.

  DieSse 00:50 22 Apr 2008

Why do want to do this?

You can print the file as a pdf file if you want anybody anywhere to be able to open it, using free Primo Pdf writer

click here

You could try a screen grab - which basically "snapshots" the screen as a picture - but you'll always have issues with multipage docs.
PDF is the way to go.

  MaxUpload 11:30 22 Apr 2008

There is a way - albeit not completely satisfacory because of the size of the resulting file.

Try highlighting the document and pasting it in its entirety in Paint.

It will ask you if you want to expand the Paint screen to accommodate the file. Choose yes. You will then see the document.

When you save, you can chose to save as a jpeg or bitmap.

  Nagpur 13:07 22 Apr 2008

My doc file has words and tables of figures which I want to put into a powerpoint presentation. I know I can easily convert a doc file into a pdf file - and indeed I often do so, but I can't paste a pdf file into a ppt file. Trying to paste a doc file into a ppt file creates a right jumble of useless, (and unreadable on a screen),words and figures. So the only effective way I have found to date to paste a doc file into a ppt file is first to print the doc file, then scan it back into the computer as a jpg file and then paste the ensuing jpg file created into the ppt file! Quality is quite good but it's a circuitous way of doing the job, and uses up paper and ink in the process.

  DieSse 13:40 22 Apr 2008

Since it's going into a PP presentation - it presumably is a few lines of largish characters.

In that case the easiest way is probably cut and paste as text - or screen grab.

I use MWSnap for grabbing all the time click here - easy to use.

  brundle 13:59 22 Apr 2008

FSCapture will handle scrolling windows too - click here (link to v5.3, last free version)

  jack 14:30 22 Apr 2008

Is the way to go

click here

  Woolwell 14:48 22 Apr 2008

You can insert text and figures from a word document into PowerPoint.
PowerPoint help files will give you several ways of doing what you want.

  irishrapter 19:46 24 Apr 2008

If you have office on your computer then maybe you have the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer?

click here

  Rubroy 15:39 25 Apr 2008

The way I do it is to open the file in Paint Shop Pro (or presumably you could open it in any other photo editor e.g. Photo Shop or Photo Shop Elements), click 'save as' and choose a folder, select 'jpg' from the drop down list and there you go.

  dogbreath1 20:28 25 Apr 2008

Paint Shop Pro 9 will not open .doc files.

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