Converting WMA to MP3

  HXP 01:00 29 Nov 2005


Downloaded a legit licenced copy of a song but it is in WNA format - I need it in MP3 format for my MP3 player - anyone any ideas how to convert - I feel I wasted my money and time as getting the licence registration was a pain - failed twice !

Any ideas on how to convert?

Along with REGION coding on DVD's stopping you from playing legit DVD's sort of makes me understand why people decide it's easier to borrow a CD & copy it ....


  Smegs 01:19 29 Nov 2005

Your mp3 player should be able to convert the file for you when you try and load them to the MP3 player.

My IRiver MP3 player will auto convert, to 3 kinds of files. You just need to read the instructions and follow them.

What MP3 player do you have. Someone may be able to help you with this.

I think windows MPlayer can do this for you aswell.

  AndySD 01:46 29 Nov 2005

Windows Media player should convert it you have to have Plus! Digital Media Edition Audio Convertor Update.
click here
Once you've done that, you can right click on a file in MWP and select "send
to" "plus audio convertor"

  Batch 09:24 29 Nov 2005

you could also try something like dbPowerAmp (click here)

  HXP 22:50 29 Nov 2005

Its an old 128mb unbranded MP3 but it does me fine for my cycle in to work along the canal tow path each day.

I don't want anything better due to rain possibly damaging it. It came with some basic software but nothing to convert WMA to MP3 - and I have read the instructions which consisted of a play button & a volume control and a FF control :-) - like I said it's basic.

Sorry I'm not up ther with the iPOD types but I reckon they wouldn't take the hammering of cycling.

Thanks to everyone who contributed


  Tricky 3003 00:11 30 Nov 2005

Use this program

click here

Unfortunately legit downloads have drm protection so you won't be able to convert with itunes/windows media player or db poweramp?

you can also use cool edit if you would rather, by playing the file in wmp and recording it.

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 02:36 30 Nov 2005

click here try her this one is free amd does many at once its very good for a free wma to mp3 converter

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 02:38 30 Nov 2005

oh p.s scroll down to free mp3 wma converter

  interzone55 09:22 30 Nov 2005

JetAudio is a decent media player that also converts between several formats including WMA, MP3, Ogg, Flac & AAC

  interzone55 09:24 30 Nov 2005

Sorry, my bad. The Audio Conversion pack is only part of the full, paid for version of Jet Audio, which if memory serves is about $30.

It's a nice media player though, and well worth paying for.

click here

  HXP 20:45 30 Nov 2005

Thanks all - I will try some of these downloads !!

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