converting wav to mp3

  geewis357 17:14 08 Jun 2004

Being a student in college I wish to convert some wav files to mp3, but I am unable to take advantage of free downloads. Is there someway of sending the wav's to be converted.
with thanks

  Tim1964 17:18 08 Jun 2004

As the wav files are probably very large (approx 50Mb per song) I would guess the only option would be to burn them onto a CD first and then converet them on someone else's PC.

Another option may be to compress the files first and then email them.

  geewis357 17:20 08 Jun 2004

thats just it they are not big files, mearly 10-15 seconds of audio.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:25 08 Jun 2004

What size are they? If large then maybe someone here on broadband would be willing to help; if small then I am more than willing to do it for you provided they are not copyrighted.

  geewis357 17:30 08 Jun 2004

I have decided to rn with the wav files now thay are only 300kb it just means that the prog I'm working on will take longer to load up. Thanks anyway.

  Tim1964 20:00 08 Jun 2004


If the files are only 300K, why do you need to convert them. The main reason for converting a file to mp3 is to reduce it's size.

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