Converting videos

  Ned116 12:36 08 Nov 2004

so after reading this months mag from front to back, I'm still none the wiser how I can connect up my video player to my pc, and convert all my rusty old videos onto disc. can anyone tell me how to do this cost effective please


  pj123 13:23 08 Nov 2004

There are so many threads on this subject, just type in "vhs to dvd" in the Search box (on the left of this page, not the one at the top of the page), you should get somewhere around 18 threads covering this subject, far too many to post links.

But before you do that you would need a DVD Rewriter and some sort of capture card/unit. I use the Pinnacle Fusion USB capture unit. Have a look here: click here

The Pinnacle Studio software that came with it wasn't very good though (it has sound sync problems) so I now use Sonic MyDVD software instead.

  Philwane 13:28 08 Nov 2004

I would not bother, you will spend hours putting VHS into your computer, rendering,and then Burning to DVD.

A much better option is to buy a stand alone DVD recorder and record them in real time you can pick one up for less than £200

  digbydriver 13:42 08 Nov 2004

I have just boughta GrabbeeX+ USB 2.0 AV Grabber, and it works really well.
I can capture from my VCR straight into my Pinnacle Studio Plus v 9 editing suite.
Once there I have full editing control.
Bung those stretchy tapes

  Ned116 14:08 08 Nov 2004

thanx guys, it was the capture card thing that was not clear.

  digbydriver 19:26 16 Nov 2004


I just found:

Item number: 5138768559

Grabbee-x Audio-Video grabber on e-bay.

I have recently bought one and capture from my VCR as avi, at better quality, and it works well.
I did however find te sound is best captured direct through my sound card.

Best of luck

  SEASHANTY 20:08 16 Nov 2004

Far easier to use something like this
click here
Can be purchased online for around £180 or less.
click here

  digbydriver 21:28 16 Nov 2004

Agreed, but you can't edit as you can with my method & Pinnacle Studio Plus

  SEASHANTY 14:14 17 Nov 2004

Sure you can edit. You just press the pause button when the commercials start then press the pause button again when they are finished. That cuts them out. To place VHS sections in different positions on the DVDR just press pause and FF or FRW the VHS tape to the section you want. Takes longer I admit but it also takes longer still doing it on a PC.

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