Converting VHS tape to DVD...How and What

  aca 09:40 14 Apr 2005

Want to convert old tape footage and burn onto DVDs. Have burner, and have 9800 Pro Graphics. Would like advice on what additional hardware/leads/software I need. Also any sites that provide kit at good prices, and any online guides.


  pj123 10:22 14 Apr 2005

There are lots of previous threads on this subject. You should get all the info you require.

click here

  pj123 10:23 14 Apr 2005

Sorry, you need to type "vhs to dvd" in the search box.

  SEASHANTY 12:29 14 Apr 2005

and thats the search box to the left of this thread - NOT the search box at the top of the page.

  pj123 13:50 14 Apr 2005

Yes, as SEASHANTY says. But why didn't that link work then. I typed in vhs to dvd and came up with 23 responses. I copied and pasted the address but all it comes up with is the blank page and the search boxes. Why didn't it show the 23 results?

  SEASHANTY 15:19 14 Apr 2005

if you just type in the one word <VHS> it will bring up 126 threads. Many of them relating to conversion
VHS to DVD. The PCA website seems to prefer just the one word searches for some reason.

  SEASHANTY 15:23 14 Apr 2005

Posting a search link will not work on the PCA website. I have tried it previously - and - as you state - it just gives a blank page. You have to refer to the words to enter in the search box.

  pj123 16:08 14 Apr 2005

crx1600, yes but how did you do that?

  Graham ® 17:15 14 Apr 2005

Another satisfied customer.

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