converting to vcd goes out of sync

  [DELETED] 22:09 03 Aug 2003

I've recorded a lot of concert footage to my pc recently (glastonbury and rw from last night).

Now I recorded them using the DVD setting on my ATI software so that I can put them on DVD in the future when I get a dvd writer.

However, for the time being, I want to put them on VCD.

I've tried using nero, which converts to VCD before it writes, but on playback the audio goes out of sync the longer it plays (its fine at the beggining).

So I've now tried using my Pinnacle Studio 8 to render it to VCD (so that I don't keep wasting discs), but again, when I play back the resulting mpeg, the audio is fine at the start, but gradually goes further out of sync the longer it plays.

Can anyone help?

  [DELETED] 23:26 03 Aug 2003

Is the audio stream compressed? I played around with VCD's a little while ago & had a similiar problem, turned out that I had to decompress the audio stream before recording the two as a VCD. I got some free programs off the net which split the video from the audio then decompressed & re-assembled ready for VCD format. Hope this makes some sort of sense.

  [DELETED] 23:26 03 Aug 2003

On studying my output, It seems that the audio gets slightly ahead of the video after about 15mins.

  [DELETED] 23:30 03 Aug 2003

Do you know what progs you used.

I have done a lot of studying of dvdrhelp but it hasn't helped me :-(

  [DELETED] 23:35 03 Aug 2003

I played around with a few decoders/encoders but seem to remember AVI2VCD was the best from here click here

Give it a try & see if it helps. I hope you have a reasonably powerful machine or it will be a real slow process.

Good luck.

  [DELETED] 00:21 04 Aug 2003

What is the raw material you are starting with? AVI? MPEG? and what are the audio files?

What free programs did you try? TMPGenc? etc

  [DELETED] 09:43 04 Aug 2003

I captured the video to dvd compliant MPEG.

I'm now trying to convert it to VCD compliant mpeg.

I'm using pinnacle studio 8. I've got TMPGenc, but that only seems to work to convert avi to mpeg (i've tried adding the mpeg plugin, but then it just crashes).

  [DELETED] 10:15 04 Aug 2003

When ptt (printing to tape) or burning it's best to turn off all non-vital b/g progs, especially av. Have you got the latest Nero updates?

I can't fathom why S8 is rendering out of sync. Most dv editing suites convert the dv to avi and the audio to wav (I think). Was it analogue or dv at Glastonbury?

BTW a friend said he had a great time, but couldn't remember much (!)

  [DELETED] 11:02 04 Aug 2003

Its analogue, captured from Sky Digital via the vcr scart (too diffiuclt to get to the back of my setup to use the scart direct from digibox!).

As I say, it goes out of sync if I just convert the DVD compliant MPEG to VCD complaint MPEG, BEFORE even attempting to burn.

Nero version is

  [DELETED] 11:48 04 Aug 2003

There's some distortion converting from avi or mpeg2 (dvd) to mpeg1 (vcd). Try this Canopus avi converter click here before compressing to mpeg1. Also to try is VirtualDub click here

Sometimes on convertions it's best to separate the audio from visual files before importing into a editing prog (so they originate from different locations - don't ask me why but it works) and bring them together in the suite and then render.

  [DELETED] 12:37 04 Aug 2003

Can't contribute anything by way of solution, just putting it in "my postings" for future reference.

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