Converting pdf files to word format

  burry 18:47 10 Sep 2003

Does anyone know of a way to convert a pdf file to word format - I have the full adobe acrobat (version 4) and can easily convert word to pdf, but not the other way around. I'm not even sure its possible. On adobe's website they mention some third party plugins - are any of these suitable?.

Thanks for any help

  Wak 18:54 10 Sep 2003

Hi, I thought the beauty of a pdf document was the fact that it couldn't be altered or edited by anyone else unless they were the originator.
If you are not the originator then I would suggest printing out the pdf document and scanning it using the OCR program into WORD or some similar editing program.

  -pops- 19:37 10 Sep 2003

I use pdf files a lot. The very reason I use them is because they cannot be altered without going through a complex procedure. This is important because a lot of my work involves legal documents (patents) which must be EXACTLY as filed under the official procedure.

  Alan2 19:59 10 Sep 2003

You could look at this link

click here

  Qmar 20:32 10 Sep 2003

-- convert it to a tiff using FinePrint2000 - i.e. 'print the pdf using fineprint virtually'... the run an OCR ( abbyfinreader pro ocr for e.g. )on the tiff -- .( sorry to be 'lateral')

  Qmar 20:37 10 Sep 2003

do this on a separate partition using the trial version ( free ), of Abbyfinreaderpro... dispose of the partion after your trial....

use a highish (600) resolution when converting to tiff.

  interzone55 20:44 10 Sep 2003

Download Easy Office 2001 with PDF facility.

It is free, and available from Tucows, it can open simple PDFs for editing, then just save in Word format.

take a look here click here

  burry 21:19 10 Sep 2003

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I'm downloading easyoffice now to gove it a try. The scansoft pdf converter also looks very promising and I may very well buy that.


  Simsy 08:06 11 Sep 2003

you choose, you will at some stage have to use an OCR process.

OnmipagePro 11 will do this directly from a pdf file.

Version 12 is the latest so you may find version 11 cheap. The "upgrade" version is considerably cheaper and you are entitled to this if you have any other ocr prog, "including any that may have been bundled with a scanner"

Good luck,



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