Converting Panasonic DVD RAM

  DavidM4 16:37 27 Nov 2004

A year or so ago I bought a Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD recorder and have been well pleased with it but I was wondering if anyone knew a way of converting a TV program I have recorded on to a Panasonic DVD RAM to a DVD that will play in any DVD player. I have an LG GSA-4040B DVD RAM compatible drive on my PC and when I insert the RAM disc it shows the contents of the disc but denies me access. The folder on the disc is "DVD_RTAV" but when I try and play, open or copy it to my computer I get "E:\DVD_RTAV is not accessible Access is denied". Any help on this subject will be very much appreciated.

  kinger 16:40 27 Nov 2004

RAM discs used in PC's are formatted differently than RAM discs used for TV recording.

I also have a Panasonic DVD recorder and simply connected it to my PC through a digital converter (The Dazzle unit) and recorded it to HDD.

I then copied it from my HDD to a standard DVD disc.

  DavidM4 16:50 27 Nov 2004

I remember ages ago actually watching (on my PC) a tv program that I had recorded but since then I have had my PC rebuilt and since then it is denying me access to the disc. I'm sure I've seen somwhere that it is possible to convert.

  kinger 17:04 27 Nov 2004

I wish I'd known about it too David.

I used to have a DVD RAM drive on my machine, purposely to watch (and record?) TV programs that the Panasonic had done.

I tried to watch one back and was informed that the format was incorrect.

I've moved away from RAM on the PC now to DVD double layer.

The slow way may be the only answer. It depends on how desperate you are to keep the recording (smile).

  ICF 19:21 27 Nov 2004

This is copied from another forum try it and see if it works.

Here is How I did: Empty the DVD-Ram to your hard disk - the VRO file is the actual Mpeg file - It can be read by Tmpgenc directly - if not, rename the extension to .mpg and it will be read by all software dvd players - Open any version of freeware TMPGenc (I used 12a which reads MPEG2 files) - go to File - MPEG Tools - Simple DeMultiplex - browse to the VRO or Mpg file on your hard disk and split up the file into seperate audio(AC3) file and Video (Mpv) file. - Go to TMPGenc Author (download the trial version) - go to Source Setup - Add file and add the MPV file created earlier - Create Menu if you want - or directly go to Output and it will Author to your hard disk the entire video by creating 2 Folders - Video_TS and Audio_TS - After completing the authoring - it will ask you if you want to write this to a blank DVD disk - use yr DVD-R or other disk and it will make a DVD disk - Enjoy!! - you can do the actual writing to blank dvd also in CLONEDVD2 and use the option WRITE EXISTING DATA and direct it to the Video_TS folder.

  DavidM4 11:23 28 Nov 2004

How do I access the folder? It keeps on denying me.

  SEASHANTY 22:38 28 Nov 2004

The latest Panasonic DVD players will also play DVD-RAM. If you really need to transfer it to DVD-R and finalise then you could get one of these players and then record it to DVD-R on your Panasonic recorder.

  dan 11 23:00 28 Nov 2004

That is what I do with my dmr-e50. It is connected to a dvd here So I record to ram, then edit on the E50, put the ram disk in the S75 and write straight to a dvd r on the E50. the disks work in any sort of player.

  SEASHANTY 15:32 29 Nov 2004

Have never needed to transfer DVD-RAM to DVD-R but I presume I would be able to do this by recording the RAM disc onto the hard disk on my Panasonic DMR-E85.
The DMR-E60 I have is currently not being used but I presume I could use this to transfer DVD-RAM direct to a DVD-R using the two machines. There appears to be several glitches in mixing diff models. I also have the JVC DRM-10S and if I partly record a DVD-R
with the JVC and another section on the same DVD-R using the DMR-E85 I find that the disc will not finalise. Each disc seems to want its own machine. Maybe I would have better luck swapping DVD-R in the two Panasonics. Re the S75 - one of the nearby COMET stores had two of these machines side by side in the clearance section. Notices saying "Last One" on each of them. Maybe I am missing something but......?

  DavidM4 21:39 30 Nov 2004

SEASHANTY's solution aint a bad idea (if I could pick up an s75 cheapish) maybe they have 1 or 2 left a Comet (numpties) but I still can't get access to the R_TAV folder on my DVD RAM disc and would like to try and convert on my PC before spashing out on another DVD player.

  SEASHANTY 16:58 01 Dec 2004

Did you get any software with the GSA 4040. I seem to recall a comment on the Microdirect website stating that this drive wouldn't work with DVD-RAM unless you obtained the specific software from LG. The OEM supplied drive, of course, came without any software. Do not know what the specific problem was tho as it was never stated. Have just checked MD website and this drive no longer available. Comments on newer LG drives give no mention. Re the Panasonic S75 players at Comet. I checked out the prices and it wasn't much of a bargain - they were near enough to the Panasonic selling price. Would have purchased one had they been cheap.

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