Converting old "Wordstar" document to "Word"

  diode 19:16 24 Nov 2003

Can anyone tell me how to get an old "Wordstar" document (.wsd file extention) converted to a Word document. Or any other way I can read it. I only have one file to read so I don't really want to Splash out on more software. I am running "Word 2002", I have looked for import filters but don't seem to be able to find any.

  DieSse 20:05 24 Nov 2003

Try opening it as a file type "Extract text from any file" - this often gives you at least the main part of the text so that you can read it or make a new Word doc out of it.

  diode 20:13 24 Nov 2003

Just tried that, it certainly gets all the letters from the original in the correct order capitallisation etc. But only puts 3 words to a line, consequently the documaent is 25 pages long. Thanks though at least I can modify it manually if I have to. Thanks any other ideas to save a lot of modification.

  jz 20:18 24 Nov 2003

You can probably use the "Find and Replace" command in Word to quickly replace all the new lines characters with the space character. Put ^p in the find box, and a space character in the replace box. If that doesn't work, try ^l in the find box instead.

  diode 22:02 24 Nov 2003


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