converting MP3 to WAV problems

  COL 21:04 29 Jan 2003

I have converted loads of mp3 files to wav format and burned them to disk to listen to in my hifi.

There are a few however that play okay as mp3 but once converted to wav format they dont play back in media player or creative jukebox. Bizarrely if i right click on the file and select properties there is a tab called preview that allows the song to be played!!!

It says the song is in PCM format.

But its wav.

How do you convert files like these successfully?
Media player tried to download a codec but said there was a "class error" and there were no available help files to do with the error generated.

These are not modern songs by the way but ancient tv themes (sad i know but i have my reasons)and i want them on a CD to play so i dont think the copyright boffins have tinkered with these files to prevent their conversion.

  bremner 21:09 29 Jan 2003

What program are you using to burn the disks?

I use Nero 5 and that automatically converts when it burns the disk. ie there is no need to convert to WAV. I assume that Easy CD Creator will do the same as they are in competion.

  COL 21:13 29 Jan 2003

I do use easy cd creator 5 but i must admit to having always converted first. I`ll read the manual again. Thanks

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