converting MP3 files to WMA

  nobbyhigo 13:14 05 Sep 2005

could anyone help with the right software
regards nobby

  johnnyrocker 13:32 05 Sep 2005

click here


  wjrt 13:33 05 Sep 2005
  wjrt 13:35 05 Sep 2005

link not working
search top left box
mp3 to wma

  Stuartli 13:46 05 Sep 2005

Microsoft has its own Plus! SuperPack which includes this facility:

click here

  Stuartli 13:47 05 Sep 2005

Or get the converter from:

click here

  Stuartli 13:49 05 Sep 2005

That's, of course, for the Plus! SuperPack.

  pj123 15:15 05 Sep 2005

Or, of course, Google it. click here

  Angry Kid 22:31 05 Sep 2005

You could give this a try. click here

  daba 00:50 06 Sep 2005

most if not all media players (WMP included) can play mp3 files.

mp3 is one of the most compressed formats for audio files, and you cannot get a better sound from converting them to any other format, the information is just not there.

each time a file is "converted" from one format to another, some detail in the sound will be lost.

If you've got mp3 files, play them with an mp3 player, that's the best you will do.

  Stuartli 09:23 06 Sep 2005

Some people are not aware that Irfanview includes an MP3 player...:-)

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